November 26th, 2004


Friday, November 26

Morning... :D It's friday... all day... no slipping through time and
space to make it a monday after lunch or any Larry Niven stuff
like that...Nope... just a whole bunch of Friday today. :D

The sun is screaming her lungs out... which makes for a really bright day...
but mother nature has her plugs in... so it's just sunny and c-c-c-c-c-c-cold.

No really, it's friggen cold man... it didn't really snow or anything...
there was a "dusting" of snow but nothing serious... however...
everything is frozen solid out there man.
Grass BREAKS if you step on it... (so you don't)
and spit freezes on your lip as you walk....
so... don't sputter when you talk to yourself freak boy...

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: and yeah, I know, I need some new jeans... :: ]
~ strong bad t-shirt...
~ and a big warm p-z turtleneck... and yes, I know that two items of clothing from the same label is pretty much giving up and admitting I'm a geek. At least it's point-zero stuff.
~ to get on the phone with North Carolina at some point and hunt me down some Kimberly!!! :D
~ to fix the apparently broken application that I prepped for our team... all kinds of OLE stuff just um... stopped working... so step one in fixing it... beat up a bill gates action figure.
~ write about Survivor at lunch... finally a great ending to an episode!!
~ tonight? um... really have no idea. I was thinking of getting the family to go somewhere groovy for dinner... landmark gave me a good idea... :)
~ big congratulations out to stephiechai !!!
~ careful and gentle hugs out to wolfiegirl, the Garden Bum ... who may soon become the garden boob... but ... just heal up well little sugar. :D
~ that I could just send a wee moment of quiet friendship over to haela ... peaceful easy feelings sugar...
~ to point out that I think macdatty has one of those smiles... you know... the heart stoppers... :)
~ to send all kinds of good karma out to jenny_rambles... just because she's kinda all that and a bag of chips too. :D

Time to purge a few nasty vibes... :D
// can I just say... some people are freaking idiots man.
How complicated is "open pouch pour in basket and push the little black button"?????
No... apparently this is rocket science. Hence... the small lake of coffee on the counter in the staff kitchen zone.

// Local organizers of the "SAY NO TO BUSH" protest groups, gearing up for the Pending Bushy visit on November 30, blew of the Police Liaison office that wanted to dove tail their efforts with safety issues... why? because last time they did all this the Police used the opportunity to gather intel on the protesters and their organization and then used that information in prosecution efforts... hahahahaha... farking losers.

// the world is full of food... loads and yummies to spare bro... except... some countries POUR THE FOOD SUPPLY into troffs called "buffets" and their population consumes enough food to feed half the planet.
I don't eat meat because that's cruel to the animals... yeah ok, um... and you couldn't throw away that chair because it would mean to the chair... Look, being a stupid and mean spirited bitch is cruel to the people around you... ps. your breath really.
I don't eat meat because the grain that fed that cow could have fed a village... Yeah... and you're making a huge difference... oh and that six hundred twinkies you ate last month could have fed a village. Shut up... I mean... what village are you talking about? the one in South America where McDonalds grows their test tube cows? yeah... ok. Let me know how that works out.
I don't eat meat because I prefer to eat other foods and my body really digs it... word 'em up home slice. Go you and cool beans. It's all about healthy choices and that sounds like you make some good ones. Power to you.
Do the right thing... just don't delude yourself that you have some higher purpose in life because really ... nobody asked you.

// and look... I didn't even rag on religion today... cool huh.

~ gah... I'm such a noodge sometimes. :D
Have a great friday... and if you can't... sorry man.
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Survivor IX Update!!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

I feel a disturbance in the force!

Wherein... Jeff's gimps are subjected to emotional abuse and physical torture. It's all about bull shit and back stabbing now, as the tide of power shifts back and forth. The most unlikely person emerges as the freaking Jedi Master and things really spin in a new direction. Fun! (finally)

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Ok... 9:51: kids ... must ... get ... in ... bed...


We went to Mongolian Village for dinner... that place where you walk through something like a salad bar except its all stuff for a stir fry... meats, fish, vegitables, noodles!!! ... and sauces... lots and lots of spicey sauces... and then they fry it up for you on a "stone cook block".  We all really enjoy that meal and I like the way you "pay by weight", meaning they weigh the bowls you present for cook'en.  The kids meals are appropriately inexpensive. :D

It's a friday night and it's all about coffee, kids, and geek'en out with spamassassin...

spamassassin help.
~ an email is being sent from a source that has been erroniously blacklisted by spamcop, and my features for "dnsbl" check spamcop so this email is not received. 
~ if I set up a "ham trap" to teach bayes about this sender, will that ensure the email gets through?