November 25th, 2004


Thursday, November 25

Yeah... well... I dunno... maybe I spamatized my server or sum'thin. But it was working when I left the house... grrrrr!
no picture today... :( We'll see if suz goes home at lunch... maybe I can get it fixed then... :)
And I was all keen to kill some time reading logs on my server today and seeing how the spamassassin thing was working...
(edit: apparently it's working... so now it's all about reading logs to figure out why it was dead!!!)

The weather man has been all about "winter storm warning" but then dropped that in favour of saying "it's gonna snow... deal with it." which seems a lot more sensible to me.

I hope all my American friends have a safe Thanksgiving day and let their belts out a notch... do you dig pumpkin pie?
Is that a Thanksgiving staple in the US? (It is here... with whip cream, btw, or it's just not right).

You know... I go to bed too late! I think part of the solution will have to do with putting the kids to bed on time. It's like, no matter how hard I try to go to bed earlier... I can't managed to get to be less than four hours after my kids go to bed... so if they're not in bed before 9:30... well... hello 1:30. Perhaps they wouldn't mind going to bed right after school? ar ar ar... No really though, they should be in bed, lights out, at 8:30.

Typical week night:
Home from work... cook or help cook dinner.
Eat, and clean up. Play with kids.
Do some chore from "chore land".
Verify that the VCR is set to record whatever might be worth recording...
Cycle kids through bed time rituals including, changing, bathing, snacking, and reading with them.
Suz is all over this stuff with me as we tag team the process up to this point.
After lights out... it's journal time... read friends pages for a bit then make coffee...
Find the admiral and do something from my ten mile long list of geek projects...
Lately it's either fighting spam or shopping for computer parts...
Then it's practice TKD with Suz for a half hour followed by whatever must-see-tv we taped.
Then email, journal and for a bit.
It's usually about 1:30 by then... and I need it to be more like 12:30 at that point.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black HP groove station logo long sleeve shirt
~ big honking warm sweater.
~ smack my bitch up yo... er... wait... sorry I was channeling that Jonathan dude from Amazing Race...
~ web site work (team site)... "content" meeting today...
~ go to the post office... because muchacha a Burbank is my sugar!
~ Survivor (in all it's non-glory) is on tonight. woah... was that a shark?
~ you could hear my boss... he's got little cheap ... aka crappy...headphones on ... and "A Flock Of Seagulls" is rising out of his cube like an itch in the middle of your back.
~ that all'y'all enjoy them foot ball games... :D
~ I could get the image of Joey with a turkey on his head out of mine...
~ to send some good vibes out to sleep_walker ... just because.
~ you feel better today distortedgirl :)
~ to point out that ninneviane is... well ... soooo precious. :D squeeze.

So it's "thanks giving" today in the United States of America... aka ... Iraq's colonial master.
Dead turkeys everywhere... and people burping.
Yes indeed... Thanks Giving has always been such a classy holiday.
We have ours (canada) in October and I always give thanks for getting the day off work.
All the deep stuff... being thankful for life, liberty, family, and all that... I'm thankful for that stuff every single day of my life.
No... it's the days off work that I'm especially thankful for. :)

I gotta go... but I'll see ya soon. :D

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Feedback on Abit mother boards...


I'm shopping for a mainboard to fit in a microATX case (the antec minuet) and there's an abit out there with good specs...
but for all I know Abit's current offerings could be a load of ... well, you know.

So... any feedback on abit mainboards?

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random rant: Girls get it all when it comes to shoes and boots.
Have you ever noticed the FIFTY MILLION pages of boots in
department store catalog for girls winter boots? and the two
pages of boys. And the boy boots all look like I should be
carrying a chain saw or have a pencil shoved up my ass...
but the girls? their boots look all warm and cozy and stuff...
fucking burn man.

just say'en...

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I am sofa king sick of Rolex spam I could explode.

It's like the internet version of a slimy dude in a trench coat saying "pssst... dude... wanna buy a watch" and opening up his coat.
Of course, it's the inter-weeeb so the guys probably naked.
Which is just wrong...

Rule Number one: Never buy your watch from a naked guy in a trench coat.

fucking rolex spam.