November 24th, 2004


Wednesday, November 24

Hiya. :D
How's trix?
Things going ok?
No really... what ya got?

Look around man... it's only gonna take a few minutes to find a room full of people that have it worse than you.
You can read this... clue number one that you're better off than half the population.
You have a computer to read this on... clue number two...
You got more, so far, than a majority of the people on this planet.
Did you eat anything yet today? Yesterday... Yeah... clue three.

Smile... sucks to be us eh?
We are part of the top 5% of everybody everywhere throughout all of recorded history.
So... bitch less... smile more, and be thankful
oh, and while you're at it... let it be ok to love someone.

Works for me.

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans...
~ red p-z golf shirt ... and why did "golf shirt" have to be the term that sticks for a short sleeve shirt with a collar and a couple of buttons? I think we need a better word than "golf shirt".
~ black sweater... red stripe. :)
~ documents...
~ a bunch of web site updates (team web site at work...)
~ write about Amazing Race at lunch... :D
~ tonight? I'm thinking Lost ? but is there a new one tonight? not sure... West Wing?*
~ to send a few great vibes over to wikkidpixie ... so she'll remember who I am... :D (snicker)
~ that I get to read about the continued improvement of my sweet friend hotblue after the big op!!
~ to thank inspectorjury for all the porn in his journal... hahaha... :D
~ to send a wee shout out to a new friend... Hiya ineversawa
~ and wanting very much for a dear friend, notcharming, to find her way out of the dark that pushing at the edges right now...

Yeah, I know it sounds like I'm a tv junkie... but at six hours a week, I don't think I'm pushing the envelope!!
* corto's must see tv
: Desperate House Wives
: Amazing Race
: West Wing
: Lost
: Survivor
: and when it starts up again, Alias.
That's six hours per week. And we struggle to get time to watch all that...
We only watch a rented movie... well, once every two weeks?
How many hours of TV do you watch a week?

// Soooooo... keep your ears pealed... (sounds gross eh?) to the radio.
Dear Ukraine... please be careful.
It's like an ocean of gasoline has broken over the banks and flooded the country.
Now it's time to pray that nobody tries to light up a smoke.
Imagine ... over a million people in a peaceful protest... all in one place... shouting together... demanding that the Jack-Off president that rigged the elections give it up and let the real winner take over. Current guy is in Old Guard Russia's back pocket... New guy is the West Lover. There will be nothing but horror if this doesn't diffuse ... and quickly. I'm almost afraid to check the news feeds.
I am more and more coming to realize just how bad that freak-boy Vlad Putin is ... Danger Will Robinson... Danger.!!!!
Of course we really need to try and be quiet about this Ukraine thing... because we don't want ol'Georgie hearing about it...
He'll prol'y want to invade The Ukraine next...

Have a great day muchachos... y muchachas...
and remember to give a few moments more than lip service to Thanksgiving.
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The Amazing Race 6 Update!!!

Amazing Race 6

Victoria Squeaks.

Start yer engines... Oh god, where to start? We have significant wife abuse, engaged models crying in the penalty box, grand theft auto, love on the rocks, and a strange pairing of regular Olympic rowing with ... the special Olympics version.

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