November 23rd, 2004


Tuesday, November 23

That's me... mister sneeeeeeeeeear. :D

She may be a fly girl... but I am definitely fly-boy. I was up, dressed the boys, fed 'em breakfast, made their lunches, and got a crock pot going with a roast for tonights dinner. Now, I have no idea if the roast will work out... but I have my hopes. All that before my shower. Of course, I main-line speed the second I get out of bed.

I'm still laughing about Devastated House Wives from last weekend. hahaha... I freaking love Bre... and the one that's popping her kids ADD medication... bwwaahahahaha... Nothing but love for that girl too. Hatcher is ... such a loser. And the little tramp... how can that guy be worth the risks she's taking... I mean, look at her... Er.. besides her being all hot-stuff-like... she's looks to be about 5 feet tall and 85 lbs soaking wet or covered in ok, I'll stop there.

~ red stripee ftls
~ blue / gray dress pants... little cuffs'n stuff...
~ white dress shirt and a mickey tie
~ dark sweater. :)
~ well I had a scheduled dentist appointment for 8:45... but dentist dude had his wench call me at 8:30 to resched... (ok, that sounds nasty... they - the new dentist office - are all stellar... me = really likes this new dentist).
~ so after setting myself up for a morning off... I had to turn tail and come in... so here I am. :)
~ what to do what to do... HA!
~ I have to redo a template doc I made last week... ug. :)
~ oh... and I await the arrival of tech dude... who will take away my Toshiba tecra pentium 4 laptop with a fab monitor, dvd, a gig of ram and hard disk space gallor... and he will give me an older Dell C810 Pentium 3 ... and I suspect this will suck. Fuck. This is the "company solution" to the fact that my laptop keeps crashing. Somehow I think I'm getting burned.
~ Amazing Race is on tonight!!!
~ that a sweet friend, aliseana, can keep herself together to face the next little while. You're in my thoughts sugar.
~ to point out that sin_da_rella is a really good journal to read. She's charming... sure... but best of all, her journal is interesting. :)
~ for some good vibes to roll over jenny_rambles and her Alex... :D I'm glad things are ok sugar. :)
~ a happy anniversary to harleydog and her "j" man. :)
~ and a little bit of lj squeeze'en out to acoolsecretary... :)

// Sound bite from Television re the APEC Summit in Chile.
"You know... I'd like to meet with you... but I can't later... it's the biggest football game of the year in Canada and I want to watch..."
You fucking tool. That would be our Prime Minister, who I don't begrudge wanting to watch the gray cup... but asswipe... you're in Chile at a Global Summit... the costs of you being there are astronomical in the extreme and you're our PRIME MINISTER... why the hell are you blowing off another world leader on national television? Oh... for a football game.

Did you know that a russian soldier, who is captured by the enemy, is considered to be a deserter.
I wonder how long America will fight in Middle Eastern wars, killing dreaded enemies, before American mothers will organize the way Russian Mothers have had to in pursuit of rescuing their children from senseless war? Over there... in Russia... it's the whole Chechnya thing raging on. We westerners typically only know of the school kidnapping deal and figure the Chechnyans are total barbarians... Believe me when I tell you... there is a lot more to the Russia / Chechnya conflict that you can imagine and the Russians have been ... and continue to be... absolutely horrifying in their war posture. Absolutely evil.
America isn't evil.. Georgie isn't Evil... he's just a stupid prick.
I think the picture of the century would be to capture on film for the world to see, the image of a dead soldiers mother decking George in some hand-shake line. Just a big ol'head punch. Capture that on film and tag line it with "America says Thanks A Lot".

Ok... I'm all done.
It's late and I've a tonne of work to do.
See ya. :)
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Ok... another one of those weird corto posts about a song.

It's driving me bonkers... when ever I hear this song on the radio... I'm about to arrive somewhere and can't wait for them to say who's singing it...

Now, I thought the Flintstones theme song included the line "... a monostonic fam-il-ly" so you never know what the hell I'm hearing when I try to remember song lyrics...

But lets take a stab.

It's a contemporary song... released I would guess inside the last year.

It's a male singing voice.

Focus instrument is what sounds like an acustic guitar stumming an almost new-country rythem.

The lines I can remember from the chorus... (sorry if I'm totally trashing the actual lyrics).

"Stayyyyyy tonight... tomorrow I'll be gone. Stayyyy to night, we meet the break of dawn..."

French people are talking all around me and it's making it really hard to think of the song... grrrrr...

This song... it's lovely... and I want it!!!!


edit: Thank you ... Check the song title.... :D
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I look back at posts like yesterdays "end of day" post and shudder with how corny I can get at times...
Everybody has their mania... and I suspect that mine is a drive towards this big dorky love fest that I get with you guys.
I know I tend to embrace arguments, but that's part of the exploration and I almost (almost!) never regret the dramatics.

I just know there's very little I can do about the corny thing... it's part of my thang and I kind of like it.
So you all just have to deal (or drop). :)

my friends....

Exactly how am I supposed to express the way I feel about you?
You always seem to be able to lift my spirits...
or hold my hand when it needs some company.

When I'm worried, you offer ideas and a place to explore my feelings.
If I'm afraid... you wait with me in the dark.

As the crazy joy of the life I have been blessed with washes over me...
I can always find you to share it with.

A day doesn't pass without my thoughts straying to you..

Thank you.
For everything.
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