November 21st, 2004


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Hiya... :D
It's all cold and gray and oh... gray... why it's the "Gray Cup".  A bunch of big guys, most of 'em are fat actually but "in shape" (translation: they look like small houses)... well, most of them anyways... run around in skin tight uniforms with padding and helmets and try to hurt each other in the freezing freaking cold as thousands of similarly freezing cold fans scream and yell about it.  Yuppers you guessed it. I'm not a huge football fan. :) 

There was a "local mall sponsored" santa parade yesterday... I about froze to death because I didn't dress for the cold properly... like an idiot... but we had a grand time none the less... :D

I made a delicious dinner last night...

... fresh chicken, home made "thai sauce" using real coconut milk, baked on skewers and served with rice, broccoli and home made peanut sauce... or, as the kids say... chicken on a stick.

And we were "the family that laughs together" on the big sofa last night watching Elf.  First time... and boy did we laugh.
... and... um, that Zooey Deschanel... kinda made my eyes melt. She's adorable! 

~ p-j pants
~ black hoodie...
~ crispy sleep bits in my eyes...
~ well we already did he "Sunday waffles" thing and watched Elf again... :)
~ TKD is this afternoon and the rest of the day? No plans... just relaxen and cleaning and playen. :D
~ oh, Desperate Housewives should be on tonight. :D
~ to send out big hopeful vibes for more good mojo on the Dad front for gnomiegirl
~ that things are a wee bit better for no
~ that I could spend the next two hours clicking "back 35 posts"... which would take me to yesterday morning... hahaha...
~ that someday I'll learn to take photographs as well as my friend balljar
~ and that my friend shoo enjoys the desert Snow!! :

//The trouble with kids today...
is the same trouble they had a generation ago,
and the generation before that,
and so on...
Now, however, they get to have a society that manages to simultaneously live in fear of them and caters to them to boot.
Layer on a little social inequity in the way young women are granted favour and presto...
movies like "mean girls" become ... true stories.
I know it's hard to be a kid...
it's hard to be an adult too so shut up already.
Just say'en...

Alrighti... time for a shower. :)
Have a great sunday. :D

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let see.
Belt testing in two weeks... pretesting next week... and we're all panicked. :D

I installed Service Pack 2 on my desktop.  No issues yet.

I'm off to get pizza for dinner.
We're having my MIL over for dinner.
Personally, I feel sorry for people that get saddled with big negative relationships with their in-laws. That must be such a strain.
In eighteen years... there has never been a falling out between either of us and our extended families.


Oh... and dig this;
(caviet emptor : I have no interest or means of verifying this next bit ... but I read the posts... and saw the pictures)

I read a post... that linked to a story about a guy or gal who had to (no kidding here) have their cat's eyes removed.  Apparently this was to save that cat... an absolutely necessary operation. The community where it's posted is helping this person pay for the operation and there are all these "good luck" and "best wishes" greetings going down.

Dude... there are pictures. !!!

Um... I'm a big cat lover... I always have been. We were a cat family (and had a lovely dog for many many years) but can I just say part of that sentence again...? "... had to have their cat's eyes removed..."
oh my fucking god. what? I mean... wwwwwwwwwwhat?
It's a freaking cat! I don't care if it pulled you from your burning car... it's still a cat. How much was that operation? You must have absolutely every other thing on your "lifes priorities" list all sewn up for this to be a reasonable thing to spend money on... but forget that for a second... What kind of life is that for a cat... with it's eyes freaking removed? The picture shows the cat with it's little eyelids all sewn shut... geezus.

Seriously... wwwwwwwwwwwat?


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a couple of questions...

~ Does anybody out there have one of these? [ :: kameleon universal remote control :: ] ... and how's it working?

~ Can anybody give me a "boss talk"* kind of explanation about why I would want or a "prescott" Pentium processor? versus a Pentium 4.

*boss talk; the way I would explain geek things to my boss without being geeky about it. ya know?