November 19th, 2004


Friday, November 19. All about friday man... :)

Ok... sorry... I was laughing my head off when I snapped the picture,
and it was 8:44... (english translation for 8:44... LATE) so I had to boogy.

It's stupid outside... The forecast is all about rain for the weekend
but right now? Right now it's like one great big long moaning mother
nature orgasm out there... All sunny and crisp air and ... beautifully
"fall like". A good day for clompy shoes and deep breathing. :D

At bed time... er... the kids bed time... not the 2:00 am party I call
bed time... (ha!) Geo tends to go on a bad coughing jag... so after
we're totally ready for bed... I wrap him in a blanket and grab
whatever book we're reading and we head out to the upstairs porch
(a little thing off the front of the house) and he sits, well wrapped,
on my lap as I read... The fresh air seems to make a difference in
his being able to get to sleep without coughing his nut off.
Any ways... last night it was suuuuuuuuuper foggy out. So I grabbed
the "every guy needs one" Laser Level I got for christmas last year
(have no idea what I will ever use it for but who cares? It's a laser!)
and a laser pointer I got a couple of years ago (again, all lasers are
good... period). Geo and I sat on the foggy porch, wrapped in a big
chenniel blanket, zapping red laser beams around the sky for a while...
I mention this... mostly because... if I live to be a thousand years old...
I will remember every split second of last nights "porch time"...
It was just so pinky groovy.

I dunno about you... but I cannot say, type or even think the word
"Laser" without my arms twitching to do the "air quotes" thing and
say "laaaaser" like Dr. Evil. God forbid I actually have to say
"Laser Beam". hahahaha... I was thinking about lasers for a moment
last night and it occurs to me that there are no fewer than 12 lasers
in my house (cd players, dvd, game cube, toys, etc...). I mean...
that's kinda wow... don't ya think?

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: and because I'm a bit of a creature of habit... :: ]
~ blue t and a black sweater
~ shit kicker shoes... they're way old, but oh they clomp clomp so very well....
~ app dev stuff... and this is soooo totally "math" it's silly... remember when you were wondering what the heck you'd ever use that grade 12 math stuff for? yeah... this is it...
~ document template stuff....
~ writing a Survivor thing at lunch...
~ tonight? just not sure...
~ that the ever lovely and very happily-ever-after kristylicious gets to feel'en better. :)
~ to remind acoolsecretary that it's all good ... all of it. :)
~ that my friend Laurie... hisbeauty has a wonderful time on her trip!! :D :D :D
~ to just take a second to point out that katie8471 is huge good mojo. I treasure you Katie.
~ that "the french" don't come after byron... hahahaha
~ to share the happy dance thing with gonefishing. I'm so glad things are rocking sugar.

Question: I make a habit of reviewing my posts and putting hard
returns in the text to create a column effect so that each line is
kinda short... because... rule number two in blog posting, right
after "keep it short" is "make it easy to read" and eyeballs like
reading columns (hence the popularity of newspapers).
However, this is only good on MY FRIENDS PAGE... and I have
no idea how it works on your friends page. Do the hard returns
I put in my text posts screw up the format on your friends page?
Poll #387742 hardreturns

Is the format of my post a mess on your friends page?

Yes... stop all those hard returns dickhead...
No, it's all good bro.

Comment on this issue... ??

// George Dubya is coming to town. He'll be here on November 30
for an official state visit. I've already booked the day off!
Now... what should my slogan be? "Stop Killing Innocent children
you raving lunatic?" or "End this pathetic WAR" or "Why not Carpet
Bombing? That might work" or "Have you given Condoliza the Cigar
Tube thing yet?"
Or maybe you have a suggestion? If you could write a placard for a
protest of Bush...what would you say on it? hmmm?

Ok... have yerselves a fantastic friday... :D

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Ferris Beulers Day Off:

~ you know that hard core largo deep voice "chic - ic - ci - cha" song ...
~ very bass sounding, with what must be a 240 lb black guy with his hair pulled back singing...

from this movie...

ug... I can't think of how to s'plain it...

any ways... got that music, song, thing.... whatever?

please send it to me...

Edit: It's "Oh Yeah" by Yello. and thank you thank you thank you. :D


Survivor IX Update!!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

Is this the Dr. Phil Show?.

Wherein… the old squaw decides it’s time to bump off a white girl, and while the girls abuse the hell out of Julie, Eliza is whisked away by strong hands… all so that they can catch a bitch’en buzz with a bunch of locals. Twila not only hangs well, she also finds herself holding two strings. Alas, Ami gets out all her guns and works her jedi master magic.

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