November 18th, 2004


Thursday, November 18

You know the sound of shampoo in your ear after you
turn off the shower... like there's bubbles popping...
zillions of them... in your ear. Yeah... I re-rinsed my head...
but the bubble noise wouldn't quit. It's stopped now...
but geez... it was driving me bonkers.
Oh, and speaking of bonkers... I am having a bit of a dolt-day.
I actually clobbered myself in the head with the closet door
when I was hanging up my housecoat...
[ :: as evidenced by this lovely image :: ]
Now... it may not look like much... but I was all about stars
and doing my best not to scream 'fuck' several times.
I tend to enjoy going vocal when I self-injure... funny that way. :)

Today is a day that starts with Suz off to work, Edward off to school
(his neck is doing much better btw) and Geo ... at home with me.
I'm taking him to a doc appointment at 10:30 and then to school for him
and work for me.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ bright white... er... "ribbed" (quiet!) t shirt
~ and a dk blue button up shirt
~ the doc thing with Geo
~ and get that "application" change going (I really got nowhere with it yesterday)
~ and solicit some company web site content updates from the team...
~ tonight? It's a Survivor night.  Hey... have you seen the "Ami was in playboy" pictures? (hahaha)
~ to send condolences out to kumi for her recent loss. I'm so sorry you all didn't get more time. :(
~ to shoot a wee smile over to littlesue1971... :D
~ that a little something would go "just right" for my long time friend saxton.
~ for peace and tranquility ... to be the prescription for ladyfire on all that goober stuff. :)

Last night... was fun but it ended in a wash.  I picked up some Rainbow Trout on the way home from work and it made for a really great dinner.  I played with the boys like mad till about 8:30 and then got them to bed. Suz was a "parent volunteer" on a school trip to the Sci Tech Museum (the whole freaking school went) so she was a wee bit burnt out... (understatement of the century). So I let her rest while me and the boys did the bed time rituals and eventually ... Suz and I ended up watching Lost and West Wing.  I'm still digging Lost... (yeah) and I'm totally back into WW. I was worried last season, about the writing... but it's great again.  That new girl.. "Annabeth" that's helping out Toby... oh I love the way they're writing her character. :D  Were you watching? Did you see the incredible almost-evil look she gave the media after she smiled at how well Toby was doing... there was just this momentary thing... where she half closed her eyes... gah! It was great.

Ok... it's 10:10 and I'm off to the docs with Geo. :D see ya later.

ps. I just got taken in by a spam message telling me I had a "post card" ... you know those e-card notices ... a lovely thing with a virus attached and a brower hack... thankfully my virus software caught it... I really frigg'en hate spam.

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yeah... ok, an update:

The doc spent a lot of time with the little stethascope thingy listening to his lungs and then sent us downstairs to get his chest x-rayed. She was worried about a "walking pneumonia". We'll hear back about that later.

I got to work at about 12:00 although I stopped and picked up a small, four slice gabriel's pizza... The pizza parlor is near a high school ... all of which is near our office tower... and the pizza place was overrun with kids. It was freaking everything I could do to not laugh at these black kids with the hard-foam-form (??) baseball caps, resting sideways on their heads, a shiney jacket and an untucked shirt and pants... pants with the crotch BELOW the knee... like DUDE... are those like special jeans? Or is the waist line of the pants BELOW your ass? I swear they all looked like someone dressed 'em up to be stereotypes for a gag or sumthin. :)

I've eaten... and I'm going to try and pack a full day into the afternoon...


ps. Congratulations go out BIG to a very bright and precious friend... bramey...
she received her PhD yesterday.... Big Big congratulations sugar bronze... er... Dr. Sugar Bronze. :D

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~ no word from the Doc on Geo's x-rays... so that's
good news.  We're just going through a "normal" flare
up with his asthma.

~ Hands down, the best red eye shot we've got of Ed. yikes...

Noting that my desire for a new camera has driven
my emotional position for the current camera to the
point of near loathing.

~ Oh... and in our house... it does not pay to be a bad little boy...
or you get :: a full cycle on tumble! :: (ar ar ar...) 
and hows [ :: this :: ] for a disturbing animation... :)
and yes, this was at the museum yesterday...
we don't actually tumble dry the children.