November 17th, 2004


Wednesday, November 17.

Wow. What a fantastic day!
Ok... shoot me if it makes you feel better but I'm ... kinda in the zone.
I had a great sleep... did the whole make everyone breakfast, make
lunches thing this morning and still managed to get to work on time. :)

You know... from time to time, I get anonymous comments
along the lines of "I don't think you're really that happy and you
must be covering up something... blah blah blah..."
Yeah.... ooookay. First of all... you think too much. Second of
all... A bug flew in your mouth when you were bitching about
someone on the phone to your fellow bag of negativity...
No really... I am terribly pained by things that are going on in
the world... but they are the stuff of rants... because I can't
actually do squat about them and if I could... I'm not so sure
I'd trade in "Taking care of my family" for doing any of that shit.
The stuff I can control... I work hard on... and hard work pays
off in one very significant way... I have the opportunity to
"choose to be happy" and I do ... pretty well most of the time.
I have my shit... trouble with job, family, kids, money, physical,
etc... but fuck all that shit man... I'm gonna be dead one day
and there is just no way I'm going to get there with a big ol scowl
on my face. I'm only covering up the stuff we all go through.
... and I'm good with that. So save it will ya. :)

~ blue ftls
~ dk ... well, black actually, cargos... kinda khaki cut
~ black button up shirt and a gray sweater...
~ um.. my security badge is on a red strap... so I'm not utterly colour free...
~ 10:30 meeting with venda dude from CommVault.
~ work on documents that I got no where near yesterday... and just so I've said it... MS Word "track changes" can drive me freaking bonkers.
~ write about Amazing Race... at lunch? we'll see if time is on my side or not today.
~ get to get geeky with redeveloping an application component... starts this afternoon. :)
~ LOST is on tonight... :D
~ to just send some good mojo out to dotcombabe... just because she's a small bag of aces. :)
~ for the strength and resolve a fellow smoke-ender to stay strong... out to wolfiegirl
~ that todays operation will go well for my sweet friend hotblue.
~ for things to hold together for vespertine_x... breath megs...
~ and that mommy-land, fun as it is, manages to give sirenity a little personal time. :)

Been to the grocery store lately? Have you seen that bogus Martha Stewart "after the jail cell brawl" picture on the cover of the horrible rag...
Oh my god... I was choking with laughter... the cashier had to ask me if I was ok...

Yeah... so yesterday was all this whole "hold off on the big bad "the-planet-is-fucked" vibe.
That was yesterday man...

// Here's a good one for ya...
Have you ever considered ragg'en someone out about wearing gap clothes... or nike... you know... the whole "sweat shop labour" issue thing...
Did you know that ALL cocoa beans come from places that are within 10 degrees of the equator... all of them poor nations...
and a vast majority of the cocoa farms are small five acre things ... that use child SLAVE labour... forget the "low wage" thing... I'm talking slaves man.
Think of that next time you shove a chocolate bar in your pie hole.

// The pictures are coming out of Fallllooooooooogia fast and furious.
American Colonialism is working on overdrive now.
Every time you see a picture from Iraq of some kid
all burned, dead and SHOT... I'm sorry but you have
to remind yourself George Fucking Bush might as well
have pulled the trigger. Soldiers are soldiers... they
do what soldiers do... and that's follow orders.
(this, of course, is why I will never make a good soldier...
I would surely be shot for insubordination)
I respect, admire and have great empathy for the men
and women that have to carry out this brutal, vengeful
and absolutely pointless FAKE WAR in Iraq.
I have nothing but sickening disrespect and hate for the
American political administration that thinks this shit is good mojo.
You are killing men, women and children who have nothing
to do with the shit you are pissed about...
Would you please fucking stop already.
Saying you're sorry is just not good enough.
Stand up and say something.
Why are the parents of the dead or broken soldiers not
marching on Washington and demanding an end to this insanity?
// ahhh... that felt good.

Alrighty... the day is screaming at me...
I have to go and get that bitch to relax. :)
Have a fabulous day ... where ever you are.
Choose to be happy... you wont regret it.

The Amazing Race 6 Update!!!

Amazing Race 6

Jon & Bilbo: Superheros

Start yer engines... and they're off. It's Fat Albert holding his daughter back and the old guys gearing up for some serious CPR work. Captain Intensity and his yes-bitch will drive absolutely everybody crazy with his scream'en and we'll wait for Hayden and Aaron to be killed by the girls from Queens. :)

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