November 16th, 2004


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Ok... done. :)

Just made a bunch of changes to the "words" section of my web site...
Making room for the Amazing Race 6 updates and ... finally simplifying some of the html.

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Our little Edward is still a bit of a stiff neck boy.
That's what it appears to be...  as it would be if
he had slept in an awkward position and kinked it.
We have tiger balm on it and he's resting well.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

... and it's a wee bit past 12:30... time to play for a bit and then bed! :)

sleep tight...
ni night.

Tuesday, November 16

Well the sun is shining... the air is cold... and Edwards neck still hurts.
Suz is off to her office and I'm home with my little guy.

I'm not sure, really, what to do about his neck.  Childrens motrim for the pain and to relax the muscles... but should he exercise it? Hot compress? Cold compress... my gut tells me to alternate hot and cold packs but ... ug.  If it wasn't sad, it would be way cute and funny the way he walks around with one shoulder down the other up and his head held like a fabergie egg. 

randome thing: I wish I could press a button and simply stop my face from growing fur forever. I despise shaving... I use a "phillips twin rotary head" shaver... but despite what the half dressed athletic dude in the commercial with the hot blond stroking his face tells ya... shavers simply never approach "well shaved" like a blade does... However, my neck and face burst into flames when I blade shave. It's been at least 10 years since I've shaved my face with a blade except ... yesterday morning...
Exciting huh... d'oh.
any ways... more on that developing story as it ... develops.

~ red stripee ftls
~ blue jeans
~ gray t
~ very big, very warm, vary comfortable sweater
~ to stay home and take care of Ed...
~ and, sadly, I actually have the work I need to do for the office at home... so I'll be reading and editing (not spelling... don't worry) a doc later.
~ Tuesday? why Amazing Race 6 starts tonight!!
~ for some small improvement in the life and time's of phej's tummy. :)
~ that things spin in a more ... comfortable way... for kimmellee
~ a happy birthday to no's wee two year old sister. :D
~ and for things to be working out for nbbmom... I hope you get a break on this house thing and the nicky thing at school!!

It's a morning with nothing to bitch about...
A day free from thinking about things I can't control and people I'm fortunate enough to only know through the news.
I'll watch TV tonight and enjoy it... mostly because it will be some "good show" but also because I want to enjoy it.
My kids will sit with me and play some goofy game cube game.... and I'll be loving every moment.
I'll read email, and my friends pages, and write a few words back and forth...
I'll be proud of the relationships I have and thankful for the opportunities to have them.
The kitchen will smell all garlic-y and yummi at dinner and I'll be spooning some pasta dish into nice bowls,
Serving it to everyone and not worrying about who eats what and how fast...

... life is a whole lot easier when you pick your moments.
It's too easy to forget that you are the master of your own happiness.
And far to easy to simply be a grump or a stump.
There are loads of important or kind'a important things that maybe deserve my attention.
And they will all be there tomorrow.
Tomorrow can wait.
Today, I will remember that I am the boss of me,
and the boss says smell the roses.

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At this moment in my friends world;

~ a friend is wrapping herself around the process of nursing her soldier husband back to health after being blown up in Iraq... and I am sooo glad he is ok.

~ a friend is holding onto hope that all is well with the wee baby swimming around in her tummy... I've said so many little prayers for your baby and you today it's silly.

~ a friend is bursting with joy at the chance to hold her new baby... and I want pictures!

~ a friend is waiting to hear from her son ... who is fighting in Iraq... and I'm sure he is fine!

~ a friend is about fit to be tied... anticipating the arrival of her engagement ring, back from adjustments... I can hear her squealing from here.

~ a friend is hoping that her daughter will see this christmas... and I hope she will... with all my heart.

~ a friend is trying to figure out where to live with her son... now that home has slammed the door on her.

~ a friend is working on holding it together with her boyfriend... because he's prol'y the first person to make her feel like a real person.

~ a friend is moving across the country ... to start a new job... in a new town... and you know that has got to be hard.

~ a friend is hoping that laws made by people who have lost their vision will stop keeping her away from the woman she loves...

~ a friend is burying a grandmother... and working on bringing her heart back from a dark and quiet place.  Smile sugar-sweet... Grans would much rather look down and see you happy.

... and I could go on... rather significantly.

If the quality of a life can be measured in many ways...
I suspect one would be by the breadth of your emotional range.

To feel as much as I feel ...
and to care for so many wonderful and amazing people...
very clearly tells me I am living a good life.

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The Amazing Race is about to start...
... and remember... it's two (2) hours long. :)

ps. I know I know... a vast majority of you don't actually care... That's ok. :D

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Just say'en...
You gotta think somebody isn't really doing a great giant shit load of thinking when, at a commercial break, we're told "Closed captioning is brought to you by Shinia Twain's new al-bummm.... blah blah blah... "  I mean... huh?