November 15th, 2004


The Amazing Race 6 Pre-Show Review.

Amazing Race 6 Pre-show!!

This Tuesday (November 16)... a new race kicks in. Eleven teams that all seem... somehow... to... be... people... you... ... already know? The black couple, the models, the old dead couple, those that could be gay, them’s that deeefinately not.  Same ol line up but it’s still going to be a great race... The show has hit it’s stride and riding that wave can’t be too difficult.  I have every intention of doing a little write up about each episode and I thought I’d start off with a quick ... very quick... run down of the teams.  I’ll always protect the plot spoilers with an lj-cut tag and I will almost always be kinda heartless about the players. 

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Monday, November 15.

~ yeah... that pic was too flippy to pass up. I mean... normally I snap about five pics of goofyness before I cave in and just smile-for-the-camera.
~ and because I'm a bit of a wank... you can click [ :: here :: ] and catch a monday smile mmmk? :D

Everything was going along fine this morning... breakfast was served and lunches made and z was there sheepherding the little mess makers towards the school bus zone... So I went for the shower and dress thing... only to come down and find my littlest guy on the sofa, cheeks stained with something being not-quite-right. Z was holding an ice pack on his neck and the school bus was long gone. We're not sure... my guess is a "crick-in-his-neck" from sleeping on it weird... and it wasn't general whiny-ness... he walked away from spongebob on the tv to tell Suz he was scared and that it hurt... if it was whiny...well, he wouldn't waste any spongebob. Any hooo... I just called and he seems ok for now... She'll take him to the clinic if it doesn't let up. Sigh... It's bad enough that Geo has all his neck problems - getting worse as winter sets in... so it's back to the back and neck doc... It's just not possible to love someone as much as you love your kids and not be absolutely devastated by the notion that they suffer. I had five broken legs before I was 17... and I simply cannot imagine how it must have tortured my mom to have me end up in all those accidents and stuff... gah.

The world was frozen to a slippery, icy to an evil little crisp this morning... but the sun is absolutely beautiful and bringing everything into focus. Brrrr it's cold... but it's really very nice out there. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk gray dress pants... um... kinda gray blue
~ screamingly white dress shirt and a (sigh) tie
~ dk blue sweater with groovy swede patches on the shoulders...
~ fetch my pipe and slippers, and meet me in the conservatory.
~ having more fun with PowerPoint... I made this "internal" presentation about one of our products on friday (for sales dudes and dudettes... not that I've seen any dudettes floggen the shite in this company... and now I have to make an "externally facing" presentation... so because it's not for sales people... I get to use two syllable words and stuff... )
~ and then for something completely different... I get to edit a document this afternoon. Be still my heart.
~ Sadly, I mentioned "piggies in a blanket" at breakfast... so dinner my be a wee bit trailerpark....
~ tonight? really no plans... but I'm hankering to play in maybe some of that...
~ I get some time later today...
~ to send a few "take care of you both" vibes out to distortedgirl... and all kinds of good mojo. :)
~ to shoot a few hopeful vibes over to nagylover...
~ I could explain myself better....
~ for some good posture to keep a grip on my friend no.
~ and some smiles over to teq... just because.

Can I just say... Russell Jones is dead... and that's a positive thing right? Talk about Darwinism.

// Canadian Bilingualism and our Tax dollars
Imagine...a woman gets a civil service job... works her way up the ranks and becomes an internal operations manager at a big government department. She survives the idiocy that is "federal service" and plays the games well... then the bilingualism issue kicks in and after 14 years of service she has to go and take ... seventeen months ... (17)... of french language training... Meanwhile, her position is backfilled... so two full salaries and the cost of the education itself and the softer - more difficult to calculate - costs of slowing down projects to transition her out and back into the position. And now she's back in her job... and will work for another 13 years... NEVER HAVING ANYONE TO SPEAK FRENCH TO. Fucking french.

// Are you having fun saying "faaalllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooja!"
Good thing Major Military Action is done now and all the soldiers can be happy about this not being a war any more... of course, the benefits and pay drop when it's not a war... and the payout to you when you're injured or to your family when you are KILLED drop dramatically... but at least it's not a war...
Heck... if it was a war... well, can you just imagine how bad it would have been in faaalllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooja.
Yup... no more of that "major military action" for you guys.
Hey... wasn't faaalllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooja the city with that Mosque everybody was up in arms trying to protect from damage a half a year ago? Bet the smoke is still rising from the rubble of that one.
Gah... it must be so much damn fun to be a Liberated Iraqi.

I swear... there is some really messed up decisions being made by people we should be able to look up to and respect... it's freaking sad man.

Have a great day muchachos... y muchachas... hug your kids... love your mom and dad... and remember... you didn't pick your sisters and brothers... and they didn't pick you. Fight with them when you're a snotty little brat... but get over it when you're all grown up. Life is too short to waste family. And if it's just not going to work... well, let that be their lament and their problem. You will not lay on your death bed and regret any moment of effort you ever made to love your family. I promise.

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~ absolutely struggling... with a "upgrade the pc" issue.
It's her computer and I have every confidence I can do what ever... it's just the what that's driving me bonkers.

I like the cube like cases that flogs...

and the Antec but the only pack a 250 watt ps and you have to use a microATX form factor main board.
I'm assuming there are good and bad boards out there... but I'm paranoid.

I've been looking at ASUS boards... I wont buy another MSI ... so what else?

And if I don't go with a MicroATX ... then I'm still struggling to decide if I should go with a new case or stay with the mid-tower (that's not mini tower either).
We have two mid-tower cases and they ... kill space. Basically that's what it's all about is space.

But if you use a slim or small case.. then you put that "on" your desk instead of under it... so the problem just starts over again.

Any advice about microATX main boards? Issues?

Point me at links to other computer case manufacturers. I want to see some innovation ...

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See... lunches for the boys are kind of a challenge.
Give too much and they eat nothing... except whatever was "dessert" like.
Give 'em too little and ... well it's too little.
... and that isn't even touching the "do they like it?" issue.

They like grapes.
I stood there in the grocery store yesterday...
eating a green grape... then one of the reds, then a different red...
back to green... second red...
I buy a bag of the other red ones.
... and this morning I include a handful of grapes in each of their lunches.

When I get home from work, I'm always curious about what they ate in their lunch.
... and there on the counter is the open little-tupperware thing with the grapes.

Apparently Geo wouldn't eat them because they looked mushy.
Little wrinkles on them I hadn't noticed...

"But these are delicious!"
I grab one and bite through it... it's crisp... juicy and delicious.
This of course, makes no diff to Geo.
The right idea would have been to have him eat a few at breakfast,
so he had the notion that they were good in his head.

I suppose the moral is that you never know how something tastes,
until you wrap your lips around it, wrinkles and all,
chew it a bit and suck all the juice out.


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actual dinner conversation:

George: "mmmmom! you have your shoes on!!"
Edward: "ahhh... really?"
both kids, ducking heads under table to look at moms feet.
Suz: "um... have to. The Fly told me to."

There's a new sheriff in town...

* laughing like mad.