November 12th, 2004


Friday... November 12.

ok... I don't really know what possessed me to leave it at this picture... I was in a rush. :)

I woke up with ... (gross'ness follows...) a swollen uvula. That's the dangly thing in the back of your throat and if you still think that's your tonsils that please stop being 14... just 'cause the word "tonsil" sounds like something that dangles... does not make it true. So... back to our story... The treatment for a swollen uvula is hot and cold drinks... but when it's big and your fucking gaging on that motherfuckingfreakishweirdness it's a tad bit hard to swallow. My morning has been all about little sipping. :) and no, I have no idea why it was swollen... prol'y slept mouth breathing and irritated it. :)

Coworker girl... next door cube in cube land... just rolled in to share some morning convo time cube mate and I. She has red hair (so... I love her...) and she has the big "spa treatment" french-nails thing going on... so I hiked up my sweater and rolled my ergo chair up close. She was totally down with the desire and proceeded to give me the Mona Freaking Lisa of back-scratches... god... I was purring... :D :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ cream coloured p-z cotton cargos... [ :: and I don't care if cargos are so last year :D :: ]
~ dk blue b.u.m. equip shirt
~ ma shit kicker shoes... just 'cause I wanted clompy feet today.
~ to be used and abused by boss man... I s'pect he'll have plenty of document stuff to pour over...
~ write about Survivor at lunch...
~ pick kiddies up at my moms house after work and take 'em to kumon... Z's off to a baby shower after work.
~ tonight? maybe get to finally watch West Wing from wednesday... :D
~ to point out that today is November 12... hence yesterday was November 11... marking two complete cigarette smoke free months. :D
~ ... um, I have a lot of friends and it floors me when I notice home many of you share a vast number of common threads yet don't know one another...
~ with that in mind... go and say hi to a sweet friend ... tender_shredder. I mean, she has a bunch of friends but none of them are you guys... and you'd like her. Most of her stuff is "protected" so... use me to meet her here.
~ the best of lifes fortune to angry_amy as she takes life by the wee short hairs and shakes it a bit. :)
~ to breath a big sigh of relief along with dawna.. :D
~ that teasdale feels better soon....

// a Rant of Gothic Proportions.
You know what I hate?
Ok, I mean, besides organized religion, President Bush, the Israeli conflict, extremists, fundamentalists and terrorists... wait... I already said Bush...
arrggg... off track again.
Where was I?
Oh yeah... You know what I hate? I freaking hate the freak muppets that think "Goth" is an actual statement.
Goth is an excuse to be edgy. Normally... and I can be down with that...
Sadly, a lot of Goth-ites are just no talent losers that need to hide and long for an excuse to cover up the notion that they can't look good if their life depended on it.
The default "Saturday Night Live" goth-gag is just perfect... little unattractive weebles wearing remarkably cool clothes that looked wicked hot on some suicide-girls girl but looks utterly pathetic on them... and then... AND THEN they pull out their upside down cross and quote some pagan literature... ignorant in the extreme about what Paganism is all about.
Talk about waking up in the morning and making a conscious decision to be a target of ridicule all day.
Don't get me wrong.. there's a load of good goth... oh wait... no, there is not good goth... the so-called-good-goth is just hot chicks that know it and look kinda edge being psycho hot chick look'en. THE REST OF YOU... GET A CLUE. you look like ass, act like ass and will always need a good wiping... you know... like ass.

oh, and I do enjoy madly posting comments in goth Rating Communities here in lj so I get banned, and receive goth hate mail... that's also good for serious laughter.

alrighti then... it's friday... be nice to a stranger... smile at someone and hand out a compliment or two...
Heck... a random smile the other night had the girl at Starbucks leaning in close to tell me that Costco sells bucks coffee for like $5 less per pound. :)
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holy freaking talks-like-mad... you guys are posting big crazy today...

Ok... here's the best advice I've had for you in ages!!! (NO REALLY!).

Do not... under any circumstances... let yourself decide that squeeking off a quiet little fart at work when you are blasting music in your headphones is a good idea.
It is not, in fact, a good idea.

mk... :D

Survivor IX Update!!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

Stop Picking Your Thumb!

Wherein...the estrogen begins to drip... and form puddles. And those puddles are just playing the boys like the wee foo’s they are. Personally, I’m waiting for Ami to turn to the camera and say "Ah pity da foo’s". The games are all about brains and that, of course, rules out .. .. well, the boys. Oh, and Jury Member Number One is selected tonight. The tides come in and then they go out again... and you just never know what things will look like when that’s done.

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choruses of "daaaaaad... daaaaaad... George... Edward... is copying is copying me me"
chased me up the stairs at their bed time... you had to be there I suppose. :)

moments earlier I had been doubly
entertained by the children - literally
vibrating with excitement - showing
me this vast rubbermaid bin with a lid...
"Dad! LOOK AT THIS!... these are OURS!...
and we found it back there!" gesturing
to the zone... the back room...
the furnace room.  So many moments
rolled together.  The furnace room!
Times were that I could lay sheets of
m&m's out in the furnace room and be
assured of their safety... because the
boogy man or some such was in the
furnace room.  The bin? One
of a few in fact... each resulting from
a "Clean this up or everything left on
the floor is getting packed up and put
away!" thing at some point in the past. 
I wondered when they'd find any of
them. :D  They're innocent excitement
kind of disassembled any attitude I
might have had about the reasons the
toys were put away.  At bed time...
they almost left the bin contents
scattered about the floor around the bin...
but we had a wee talk about that. hahaha...

Artimus Fowl is the bedtime reading with
Geo and we've just put that down...
yes, it's 10:30.  sue me...
we've all been having a fun night. :D

They're all tucked and a'bed...
Time to go make fresh coffee. :D

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I'm hoping we can all package ourselves up
and go to [ :: this :: ] tomorrow.
Troll around their site and you see the Humpty
thing billed as a Pantomime. I have been told
today that indeed, "pantomime" is not "mime"
(thank all the gods and their sisters) but I'm
not sure what it actually is. However, I've
also been told this is a really great show for
the kiddies.
So we shall see!