November 11th, 2004

the hand


west wing waits in the player but
lost is all done... totally like that
show... of course after the iraqi
dude bamboo shoots the white guys
fingers, it's only fitting that he
should be hooked up to electrodes
next week... we'll see how that all
plays out. um... Kate.  Not quite
sure how she could be cuter. But
Dr Dimento continues to get on my
nerves.  How come
is such a ridiculously slow web site?
I mean...  nbc, cbs, etc all dance circles
around abc from a time-to-resolve
point of view. But then... if I'm try
to resolve it in a browser that is not
IE... It's as speedy as the rest of
them... Personally, I call that proof
positive that Microsoft hates ABC...
I think I've actually got my server
working and updated with all the files
and stuff from the old one... it's
geeky and it's fun in a sick and twisted
kind of obsessive way... Next up is
upgrading suz's computer and trying
out tier two linux distros on the old
server - trying to get that "complete
graphical linux boot that fits on a 256
meg usb key". When school starts in
the fall, it's like a countdown starts till
mid October... and then George starts
coughing.  He will cough until sping. In
various degrees of intensity or instances...
but generally speaking, it's inhalers and
coughing. It breaks my heart when it's
bad... but it's rarely bad... more often just
a nuisance... but still.  I can't speak for
the experience of using Kumon in later
grades but for my guys in grade one
and four, Kumon is pretty freaking
impressive in the results department.
(it's an extra study thing to build either
math or reading skills). I am getting
really sick of Rolex Spam. You know, of
course, that there is a significant
proportion of the global population that
has made a joke about Arafat sitting
up and moaning "I'm not dead yet..."
in the last couple of hours. Oh and I
read today about Dr. Hager, over at
the FDA...  I cannot begin to express
how sorry I am for the negative impact
that is going to have on things. Now, I
have tomorrow off, as our company
closes up on Remembrance Day... so
it's pretty well a done deal that at some
point (or several) tomorrow I will say
"weeee" as I enjoy my day. I think I'll
crank in a quick race in and
work on my city-of-heroes-envy thing. :D
Oh wait... I saw this wicked commercial
for a second world war game for xbox
and it was amazing! I have never touched
and powered on xbox. I want to play halo2
on somebodies xbox just so I can know
what the hell everyone is clucking about.

*hard core ramble
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Thursday, November 11

Snow... we woke up to snow.
Not enough to stick... but still.
Bit of a bummer. :)
~ and don't be give'en me that southern "ah gee... I'd love to see snow."
K'mere! you can shovel my laneway.  :D

::::::::::::::::: 11/11/11 ::::::::::::::
I am a canadian.
I am proud.
I am proud of our vets.
And I will never forget.
That being said... we will lay wreaths all across this country in about 6 minutes and observe a minute of silence.
Meanwhile... around this great big world of ours... a constant reminder plays out that we have indeed, forgotten, despite all the lip service.

Do you remember the first 5 minutes of Saving Private Ryan?
Do you think it got any cleaner in the last fifty years?
... and he's going to keep spending his accumulated political capital.
[:: Good on ya ::].

~  red stripee ftls
~ beige dockers
~ dk blue txt shirt with an orange stripe that's getting pretty long in the tooth...
~ well I said weee a few times already... :D
~ an early morning with the kids sorting for the school bus and z off to work
~ and then ... gasp... a coffee and a newspaper in the living room in a quiet house. wow!
~ clean the bathrooms...
~ shop on-line for a bit searching for computer parts for z's pc
~ lunch with z at Tim Hortons
~ afternoon? oh... I'm rotissering (is that a word?) a chicken for dinner... in the fucking snow.
~ it's a Survivor night... and the West Wing tape from last night.
~ to send a few quiet but hopeful vibes over to lisabella
~ that I could step through a door to mexico... so I could give innerly a squeeze and meet her family. :)
~ for some peaceful easy feelings to wash over bitchcakes_xo
~ to point out that fallingforward posted a new Encre de Chine... I dig that chick...


Here's a "lest we forget" for ya...
He was involved with the group that killed the athletes in Munich in 1972.
Condoning violence against civilians included taking over a public school and killing children.
That list goes on rather extensively.
Love 'em if you want... but what the hell does that say?
No. Really... what is it you're trying to say with that little piece of remote love?
'cause it really doesn't sound all that good from here...


It's a thursday... and I will enjoy this day completely.
I hope you enjoy yours...
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(no subject)

I am forever struck by the awesome irony of me helping George with his spelling homework.
I despise the notion that words should be spelled correctly.
If it was really all the important to spell things properly there would be a u in nephew and pseudo would simply not exist.*

Breaking news: Edward has been having a rare meltdown for the last hour. He's a tired boy... although telling him this is apparently the same as telling him to scream and cry some more... It started with a part of Geo's homework being kinda crafty... so Ed wanted to do it too... except it um... didn't work out the way he wanted.  You have to understand... the issues and facts are irrelevant. He was just inconsolably crying and need to be talked down Needless to say, I've spent the last half hour making paper clocks and glue-sticking them to coloured construction paper...

Time to get kiddies to bed and to watch some taped tv... :D

* pseudo holds a special place in my heart... Mrs. Bousada, my grade 8 home room teacher and english teacher handed me a two inch thick dictionary and, in a bit of a huff, told me to look it up for myself and not to come back until I had found it.  grrrrr...