November 9th, 2004


Tuesday, November 9

What's do you call one of these? [ :: click for answer :: ]

Gah... my kids tell me this joke endlessly, and I laugh every time... but mostly because of how "off guard" it caught me the first time... had me in stitches...

It's all about sunshine and mocking us fragile humans with stupid coldness... I know that within a couple of months weather like this will feel like it's damned warm and toasty... of course, we'll be crunching around on layers of snow, wearing boots, and big honking down filled parkas.... All this to build god dammed character... shit... sometimes I think I'd like to just be characterless and live in permanent summer somewhere. :D (ar ar ar ar...)

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t hiding under a maroon dress shirt
~ and another tie...
~ document development... half day.
~ review "ITIL Assessment questions" before coworker dude begins a new gig...
~ start on a new presentation for the assessment tool I made last summer.
~ go to a ITSMF meeting at 3:00
~ tonight? hmm... hopefully I can finish the server patching... one patch is failing to "resolve it's dependencies" and keeps crapping out the process... grrrrrr... So I'm doing the patches in blocks of 20... trying to isolate the problem patch.
~ that ladyfire makes good choices...
~ for some good healthy, heal'en up fast vibes to land on no's dad.
~ I understood why people take advantage of one another... not the little "I'm kinda stupid and didn't realize" sort of thing... but the actual decision point of "I think I'll fuck you over..." kinda thing. People can suck...
~ and I'm just sending some "you're better than them and definitely deserve better" vibes out to my totally cool friend ninneviane
~ big ups and huge luck to wbahner's main squeeze today.

// Soooooo.....
American Forces supported by helicopter gun ships,
air strikes and armoured vehicles have penetrated
to the very heart of Fallujha. The news report explained
that they were lead by "Iraqi Special Forces" but I heard
on the Q-T that they had both run out of bullets and had
to go the back of the line. I suspect things will pick up
again for the ISF after they sharpen up a couple of
pointed sticks and get back in the action.

// Dude!!!
Yassur Arrafat! Depending on who you listen to...
is either Dead, in a coma, recovering well and just
about ready to return to power, or summering in
Cuba with Barry manilow .
Well, despite his estranged wifes protests... we
all know the old fucker is dead. Dead dead dead
dead. Say it with me... D*E*A*D dead.

Of course, being dead hasn't slowed down the
building of a road to peace.

The Bush Administration has called for Yassur to
attend a new peace initiative at Camp David.
President Arafat... soon to be affectionately referred
to as "The Dead President" is described in Arab news
sources as excited by the prospect of returning to
the US, however, they quote his corpse as saying
"Camp David? Great!! It will be nice... Just ask that
Condelezza Rice bitch to hold off on the fucking
potatoe pancakes... she really can't cook for shit."

yeah... nothing but fun in the middle east these days.


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Making a typographical error in your Hosts file...

... is a great way to ensure you waste incredible amounts of time fucking around with sendmail configuration files.

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When your view
extends behind,
I think it is better, 
that you should find
you have been taken advantage of
and have not been taking.

Surely to feel the fool
is less of a burden...
than forever cruel.