November 8th, 2004


Monday, November 8

Cold and sunny... frost over car windows... wrapping a "car blanket" over my legs on the drive to work... brrrrr....

You know what's odd? er... ok, hold it... way to open ended a question for this crowd... hahaha...
The thing is... I spend a great deal of energy every morning just convincing myself that I'm actually awake. Work at that hard 'nuf and you start believing it... hence a regular day.
Oh... "regular" and "regula"... D'ya know anyone that drops the "r" from words like that... does it drive you wingy?

Seeing "The Incredibles" makes me wanna watch Holly Hunter movies... Raising Arizona and Network News come to mind... Arizona because it's one of the all time freakiest movies EVER... and News... because that scene when Holly hangs up the phone in the hotel room and has a big cry... because she "needs to get a cry out"... gah... I totally dig her...

On gifts... Geo got some nice gifts from his friends on Saturday... but the big winners were a single gift of five new mini-logo packs... not big expensive lego "sets" ... but the little 5$ kits that build a single small vehicle... and COME WITH A GUY (a little lego dude) - they were all "star wars" lego btw, and an obviously inexpensive but HUGE aircraft carrier... almost no moving parts... just big plastic and ... um... cool looking. Add an old Lincoln Log Set to this mix and you have the recipe that held the kids attention ALL DAY yesterday... not even once did they turn on the tv... Sure, there were breaks to do other things... but this small mix of bits of wood and the handful of lego and the boat thing... totally had their imagination station transmitting at 50,000 watts all day. It was lovely.

~ blue ftls
~ black kinda cargos...
~ white dress shirt... mickey tie
~ and a big warm sweater...
~ service catalog doc design... still... all day... weeeee...
~ to fill lunch with reading on server patches...
~ tonight? um... patching a server. :)
~ a moment of wish'y'ness for crayolaphoenix... just because...
~ to make a big deal about the idea that cherripop212 is a great woman, friend and mom... because... she is. period.
~ I made a rather special friend here a while ago... under the most coolio circumstances... bumping into her in but ending up lj friends... and she's going into the hospital for a surgery today... send a few good vibes or wishes out to my friend hotblue today... she wont see 'em ... hospital... but still ... the power of positive vibes... ya know... :)

I'm about to hop in the shower this morning and news radio dude is talking...
"The interim Iraqi President authorized American forces to begin their advance on Fallujah..."
*cough*... because, of course, he really had to struggle with his option of telling them to just go home and forget about Fallujah.

I mean, those "insurgents" have some nerve... holing up in some city in their country and waging a pitted battle against an occupying army.
Fuckers... I even heard they were fighting back with bullets and stuff.
But not to worry... a few hundred million dollars worth of bombs delivered by several billion dollars worth of cool fighter jets and supporting infrastructure will calm those restless natives down.

So there's no women or kids living in Fallujah right? No schools... hospitals... food markets... because ... you know, only Chechnian terrorists hurt women and kids or damage stuff like that...

Political capital huh...

Have a great monday ... where ever you are.
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A word or two about patterns;

This pattern thing has been much on my mind lately.

It's not just a "thing"...
not a specific something but more like a way to view the world around you, a lens or something...

A "paradigm"!! That's it...

Corto's Pattern Paradigm.

It's all about finding what works... and then doing it again... and again.
Sure, I suppose all things (good and bad) come to an end, but it's a lot further off if you have a grip on something repeatable than if you do not.

Start simple... look at tv shows
~ a tv show can only really be a hit if it has a good pattern.
~ Sure, it has to have content but even that can fall into a "pattern"
~ great content... crummy pattern... simply fails in tv land. Too expensive and the audience has to recaptured every time...
~ I'm not talking about crummy cookie cutter crap... but rather a show that delivers what you want... and you come to expect it.
~ The content can be edgy, daring, risky, or stable or whatever... but the pattern has to be comfortable...
~ you have to think that you can "take it regularly" without getting pissed off.
~ Joey... the new TV spin off from Friends. Good show with some great laughs... but the theme music... is painful. It starts loud and abrasive. So I can dig the show but part of their pattern is broken... I can take the story but not the package. Joey - the show - will not survive unless they change the theme music.

Get complicated about it... and look at a life, a person.
~ people that live patterns... live long and prosper.
~ they can certainly break with the pattern and "take a walk on the wild side" or whatever but that's being different.
~ people that live without a pattern... do not live long... and while some prosper more than the rest of us rolled together... a majority of the non-pattern people (I propose) do not live long. Their candles burn too brightly to hold the flame for long.
~ this may sound bad... dull or something... but that's because you're filtering it through some predisposition to find the notion of a "pattern" either limiting or "negative". Stop.
~ a pattern is without quality... it can be anything... wild and crazy or quiet and reserved... the "quality" aspect is not the important part.
~ finding the pattern itself is.

~ because there are questions that rule your life... and life can become a process of finding the answers.
Who am I?
Can I do this?
~ and the big one...
Will this last?

You are the life you lead.
Inside your head you will always be the person you imagine...
but out here... where other people looking at you ... you are the patterns of you.

"oh here's Bill... he'll be able to help... he's good with fill_in_the_blank."
(Here's Bill... his pattern is...)

"I've never done this before... but if I just do the things I'm good at... that I'm used to doing... and tend towards this other thing... "
(I can do anything, as long as I can find the pattern)

"This will never last... every day its a brand new thing... it's fun, but I'm tired.
I want something normal... something I can hold on to... something... someone... I can depend on."
(I want to be able to rely on your pattern)

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Ok... I've found the Tarra Reid video (and LAUGHED!!) [ :: here :: ]
(that's a new link to the vid at "college humour" and I think it'll just "work" versus having to screw around with codecs... :)

... but I still haven't found the video of the Figure Skater getting dropped...

(tricky!!! pay attention... on the "college humour" page... right click to download on the "Download tarareid_oops.wmv (685.1 kb)." link... but do it over the numbers 685.1 and it should work!)