November 6th, 2004


(no subject)

well ... a long night with a lot done but miles away from good-to-go with the new server.
c'est la vie.

I did manage to bake a kick ass chocolate cake...
same ol'same pan cake with the caramel or maple or whatever icing...
but it's crazy good.

That's for the kids party at boston pizza tomorrow afternoon.
er... after we take 10 little kids to see "The Incredibles".
It's getting such great reviews... i'm looking forward to it.


hey listen... whisper a little word of hope into the air tonight for friend of mine.
No details... just a quiet little vibe of hope a friend.


I'll see ya on sunday.
play nice...
... and be hopeful Gilligan.
There's always room for hope.

ni ni

ps. "After Eight" mints... are like frick'en crack man...