November 4th, 2004


Thursday, November 4

Hey... hi.
Feeling any better today... ??

I know I am... I had a lot of fun yesterday... sadly, I suppose, it pissed a few people off.
(does the I don't really care dance... because I'm an unfeeling evil bastach... :D)

It's crazy sunny and gorgeous outside... but that's a little like early returns from Florida, misleading and ultimately wrong.
We're expecting the first snow of the season today... a couple of wet centimeters and then more on the way for tomorrow.

West Wing: "I want you to jump off a cliff..." Oh my god... I was so happy for CJ.
I know I turn tv show characters into real people... and the problem with that is what exactly? :D
CJ is the absolute shit on that show!!!... and Donna remains my most favourite charm on the show's bracelet.

LOST: They're all fucking dead man... you know it...It's like a purgatory between the heat and the light.
At best... the whole thing is a dream the super fat guy is having after eating a bad piece of beef jerky.

Oh I read the sweetest little love story in a friends journal today...
It reminded me of when I read nordicgrrl's story of meeting her main squeeze and how adorable that was...
I'll never be very far away from that story Deb...
I swear... I'm seriously sucky when it comes to that stuff...
Happy Anniversary Heidi and Dan. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk gray dress pants
~ seriously white T
~ super dark blue and white speckleee sweater
~ to drop the "Captain Adjective" thing soon... promise.
~ start on a ... wait for it... new document... sigh.
~ watch Joey and Survivor tonight... thank god I enjoy dissing the idiots on Survivor... or there'd be no point in watching.
~ do more on the new server... I was in fucking heaven last night geeking away on it... :D :D :D
~ to send some very warm and happy vibes to darkbay, a girl with a great love story!
~ the very best of fortunes consideration today for little_hg. She's facing a battle... but she's pretty freaking cool... so go you!
~ the hard work and good plans pay off big for my radio diva friend nbbmom.

Please join me in wishing President George W. Bush the best of health,
safety, security and medical attention should the unfortunate circumstance
of his needing it ever arise.
No seriously people... If anything happens to him... Dick Cheney takes over,
and that's just way way scarier than having the guy that can't use three syllable words.

If some terrifying thing happens... let it happen to them both at the same time... mmk?
Like, if the president starts eating pretzels again...
please pray with me that Dick is either eating them as well or is busy being run over
by an ice cream truck or something.
I wonder if the secret service will view this as "threatening" bwwahahahaha...
(ding dong)
Oh... wait... someones at the door... just a sec...
"hmm? Cuba? never been... why?"
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