November 3rd, 2004


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sorry to be so Posty McPostalot...

however... I was watching ABC a little while ago and the anchor was prompting the in-house "pundit" for opinion on the importance of Ohio.  The pundit dude starts saying something like "well, the polls are all closed now so what we say cannot influence... blah blah blah" and anchor dude is having a minor shit attack but controling himself ... trying to talk over the guy.  They cut to anchor guy and he says the same thing but tries to stop pundit guy from saying anything substancial... but he does anyways. 

and as I look at news sites I see that (e.g.) "Voting is continuing Knox County, five hours after polls were due to close"

Bad ABC... Bad!

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Uh oh...
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

~ black ftls
~ black jeans
~ gray amazingly comfortable t...
~ black sweater ... red stripe.
~ team meeting re: all those docs we've been working on ....
~ more doc work.
~ LOST and West Wing tonight...
~ That I could have been in the hotel room next door to Michael Moore last night... just so I could hear him screaming his head off... prol'y would have been fun.

edit: brrr... it's damn cold out... they had all summer to do this ... but they wait till it's freezing outside to have a "fire drill". idiots.

So... I'm clearly a loser.
I mean... I really expected all of America to do exactly as I wanted and ... burn the Bush.
Sadly... America doesn't seem to want to do exactly as I want.
Where's the love baby... ?

May I just say one thing on this obviously devisive issue with feeling...
I mean, the office of the grand formage... I can dig that the country has it's issues and makes it's choices,
but what I cannot even scrape the edges of understanding is the votes in support of a gay marriage ban.
That, more than any other thing that could have or has happened with this election tells me that America is very seriously fucked.
Apparently Justice can have her Bush... but she's clearly not allowed to eat it.

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I think it's important to note that the idea of "getting out of dodge" is fun to play with...
but it ignores the reality you face today in a divided America.

America made a choice... and half the nation is unhappy with it.

If you leave (not that you would... but it's all the rage to talk smack so...)
... then you will leave the country you love to those that you so dramatically disagree with.

You're duty as citizens, is to stand up and be counted... and not just on Election Day.

The office of the President is a powerful one... and has some big kittens to juggle on the world stage,
but your congress men / women... your senators, Judges and city councilors...
... have a dramatic impact on your day to day life.

Have you ever written a letter to one of them?
Do you agree with a ban on gay marriages? Write a letter...
Do you agree with denying a woman the right to have a safe abortion? Write a letter...
Do you think it's a good idea to cut school funding? Write a letter...
What about guns? Write a letter...

Your opinion is important more often than once every four years.


Now that you or your countrymen, have reinstalled the Shrubbery in the garden of power,
you have to stay put so you can raise your voice in protest when you don't agree with his actions.

Rise up and be heard.
Half the country is unhappy with this result.
Half the country is happy about it...

Do you think the happy half actually understands what they are happy about?
I was soundly criticized for saying that many middle americans are guilty of voting tickets, let alone voting the ticket their daddy voted, regardless of the candidates or the issues.

I stand by that statement and I look to last nights election results as proof.

and when the next wave of American children are shipped off to Iraq
to be the muscle that shoves democracy's square peg into that countries round hole...

... you can look to those republican voters and wonder why they thought this was such a great idea.

::::: This [ :: LINK :: ] is to a post I wrote on March 17, 2003... before the fall of Baghdad
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Alrighty then...

I'm done for today... and boy ... what a fun day it has been.

It's the most fun when people come out of the woodwork to argue semantics instead of dealing with the issues or offering up opinions.
But whatever... fill your boots.

I play this game because I enjoy it. If I didn't want to engage ... I would turn off the comment feature.

I will never... NEVER get tired of saying War is for fools.
And I will always criticise the people in power that admit to mental defeat by engaging in armed aggression.
I will call them names and be disrespectful to them... with vigour.
They are the highschool bullies that grew up and found out that daddy had loads of cash.

Not one word of that is a word against the people that doff the uniforms or pull the triggers.*
They are a pawns in someone elses game and for them I feel a kind of sorrow.
No man or woman goes to war and comes home to tell others how much fun it was.

Today is an interesting day... and I'm really sorry that so many of my theoretical friends in lj want to fight it out over ... whatever.
I am what I am... and I've been this guy ... here... for years.
You can expect very little to change.

So if my Bush hating views, anti war opinions and generally horrid attitudes really bother you...
Please don't let the door smack yer ass on the way out.

* I would have continued at line with "clean the latrines, peel the potatoes, fix the jeeps or carry the supplies..." but Haliburton has the contract to do all that for the Army... as the outsourced corporation that performs all those duties on a costs-plus basis... making freaking millions of dollars per week to do it.
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