November 2nd, 2004


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ug... ok. Got loads done tonight :D

(and thanks for your help btw).

and while I know I could let my fingers go and they'd type for ages..
I need to put my fingers to bed.

Oh... wait... one quick story.

Edward is in grade one this year and he brings a little "news" home from the school yard every day.
Suz is telling me of his recent conversation with her...
You see, he's reported to us that some of the boys at the play yard use the A word and the N word!.
The boys would sooner chop off their arms than swear (much) around us... but...

N word??

She explains that when she asked him about it,
he came to her quietly and said;
"the A word is Ass."

She asked "and the N word?"
Edward smiles, leans in close and says;
"the N word is shit".

night. :D

Tuesday, November 2, Erection Day 2004

It's raining... it's freaking pouring.
I was being hypnotized by my windshield wiper blades...
I was being washed away by the spray from big ass trucks...
I was wishing I had remembered to put milk or cream or anything in my coffee before I left the house.
Gah!!!! I am just not a fan of black coffee.

Fortunately I made it here in one piece...
Then I checked my friends pages...

What all this about an America Erection?
It's all you can read about today... erection this and erection that...
Like... get over it... it's wood... and it's a natural thing... why make such a big deal about it?
It's not even necessarily a polite topic for mixed company...
I mean a big steaming, straining, throbbing cock, veins popping out and purple,
angry and happy at the same time... sure...
But it's still just an erection.
No need for everyone to go on and on about it...
All the freaking news sites are focusing on Erections too...
I mean this is crazy...
Oh.... Election?
Ok... never mind.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ cream t hiding under a groovy ken Cole shirt... all "zipper on the shoulder" n' stuff.
~ to check msnbc like it was an ocd thing...
~ to work on these documents that the boss needs... big... (I'm kinda behind on this so it's focus power grasshopper time...)
~ much much more server stuff tonight... hardware and o/s all done... now it's time to move data... (still very excited and it may take care of all the weirdness people get with my site failing to resolve, etc...)
~ that Rosanne Rosannadanna was still around...
~ like mad that a phone rings in Virginia today... and that it's someone wanting to buy nbbmom's house on the other end.
~ to send good vibes and lots of lj style love'en off to hotblue... for no particular reason... 'cept that I can. :)
~ I could chase groovysegue around with a feather duster... 'cause I just know she'd scream real good...
~ that the best plans of a smart girl bear all the fruit she can handle... go you kristylicious

// on a serious note:
for all the ranting... all the raving... and all the jabs... there are always two ways to look at something and I want to remind you of how that works.

We can take a big picture view of things and see the problems.
From that height... we are all gods of insight and intellectual tigers.
Opinions flow fast and furious, slowed only as we strive to formulate more considered opinions... 'cause it's more fun that way.

When we zoom in on anything... the big picture falls away
and is replaced by the people, places and emotions that live
at the heart of ... everything.
We are all the same, despite the big picture issues.
Opinions matter very little when we need hope or we want
to help one another as people.
My friend, jenny_rambles, is married to a man that is
serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq and he was wounded in
recent car bombings.
It appears that he will be ok...
but the song remains the same baby...
She's a real woman and he's her real man...
their pain is real and not worthy of intelectual'isms.
I am filled with nothing but concern for their welfare.
Please know that for all the talk and all the attitude,
My heart beats plenty hard when I worry about my friends and their families.

No attitude... only hope for reunited, and healthy families.
Remember the love guys... it's what makes us real people.

Good Luck America.

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Non or marginally Partisan Political Information:

A friend asked me to post this note: (Regarding voters in NH!!!)

if people are voting in NH, they can register to vote AT the polls and dont need a pre-registration.
also tell the college students that plan to vote in NH that they WONT lose their financial aid if they walk into the polls, register and vote in NH.
some group canvassed local colleges in nh telling the kids that if they voted they would lose their financial aid as well as told them other lies.

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Hunka munka.

say it.

I love the way it rolls off my tongue...

"hunka munka"

Not sure what good it is... I mean, I need a target... it's got "hunka" in it so I worried that it was like a gay appreciation of a firefighter but then I realized that was stupid... so I kept saying it and trolling for a reason.

It's a great word pair... but what can I use it for?
or did I hear it somewhere and I just don't remember?

(ps. did you say it? no really... say it outloud... it's nice....)

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She lost her youth,
and she lost her Tony...
now she's lost her mind.

:::::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::

Yeah... so I have really no idea how we got on it... but I've managed to convince my manager and the "other boss" (they're like the uncles in "second hand lions" - seriously) to do this arm gesture thing (I'm doing it in the "end of day me" picture). Arms layered in front of you and seperating them while you say "zoltar"... like a salute for members of a fucked up cult... Dude Where's My Car comes to mind... The thing of it is... my cube buddy... coworker dude... is absolutely, if quietly, killing himself ... crying... laughing as I convince the boss to do this... and ... and we sneakily see one of them do it to the other guy... so this may stick. :D hahaha...

I need to make nice golf shirts with little Z's on them ...

I wonder if I should tell them about the "N" word... hahaha...

Lovely day... spent the entire day at my desk... It's raining like mad out there... But not-smoking kinda reduces the reasons for going anywhere...
So rain yer ass off.


I wish the word "puerilel" didn't have such negative connotations... it's such a fabulous word. :)
However, merriam webster says it like [ :: this :: ] and I'm really upset about that... because I've always said it "pure - eye-il"... much more fun that way.

Ok... time to go.
Big night for CNN... I bet the fuck something up. :D
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so it's Ohio's moment.

will it be a "finest hour"
or a "darkest corner"

and yes, that outstandingly subjective.
~ grins.

ps. interesting to note that BBC's web site ( is more "up to the minute" than cbs, nbc, or cnn...