October 31st, 2004


Sunday, October 31

Good morning!!! We set our clocks back before going to bed... and I'm basking (sleepily) in the glory of the day starting an hour early. What do a couple of wee kids know about clock-changing... little monsters were up at 8:00.

It's a weird day... it's trying to be sunny but it's sill brrrr cold. !!

We had such a great day yesterday.  We pulled together in all ways and managed to put out a really nice family dinner for Suz's side of the tree.  That side rarely eats a meal as a family at a single table and we had our big (and desired) excuse to use all three leaves for our relatively new dining room table!  So "big family sit down" was in the offing. :D

Of course, the table was in theme... :)

It was my SIL's birthday...

Notice the dark bits around the place setting?
We bought a fancy spancy cake for her birthday (I made cup cakes for the kids) and it had all this lose chocolate bits on it... so when she "blew out the candles" bwaahahahahaha... freaking chocolate went flying everywhere!! :D
oh, and check out the [ :: giant mug :: ] :D That's a normal coffee mug beside it.

Two things...
~ I have a "gaggle" of nieces... but they've all come to that age when they stop playing with uncle andy... it's a bit sad but not unexpected. I still do my best to connect but the close thing... is falling into memory.  So lately... all I get from them is [ :: pictures of their backs (hahahaha) :: ].
~ and sometimes Edward just looks so damn adorable in pictures... :D

Oh... and man... lemmi tell ya... slapping a chicken on the rotisserie attachment for a normal bbq and letting it spin for a couple of hours (you put the chicken over one side of the Q that you leave off and turn on the other side to full... putting a drip pan under the chicken, and close the bbq lid) makes for one freaking fabulous chicken.  The "Beer Chicken" was good too... but more work than the rotisserie one. 

~ pj pants...
~ black t
~ crinkly bits around my eyes... (i need a shower!)
~ this post...
~ to download some scarrrrrrry music
~ get the kids to do their homework
~ TDK this afternoon...
~ plan dinner...
~ enjoy a sunday!! 
~ that all is well with a happily returned ladyfire. :D
~ to send congratulations out to no1topaz who got married yesterday...
~ and to send a few good vibes out to tonya... just because.
~ that my friend pasticcio gets her head around things... :D She's a big girl... but she's a smart girl too. right!
~ you could imagine my joy at finding out that George decided to get started on his Kumon... all by himself... no prodding from me... WOW!

// you know what's kinda funny to me?
How America is out there in the world today... bringing democracy to all the downtrodden countries...
and yet they can't manage to hold a fair vote in their own neighborhood. 
funny eh.

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no it doesn't

There are leagons of people far more educated on this topic than you or I would very clearly point out the need for election reform.
The process is broken... and only total blindness would argue that point.
Even the office of the president... the current pres... the bushy one...  admits that it's not really supposed to be a choice made by the supreme court... elections are all about "the people" making choices.

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I keep a food journal...
I keep a headache journal...
I relate them together to find possible triggers.

It has become rather inescapable that eating potoe chips will guarantee me a headache the next day.
I'm talking about one full normal size bag of chips...
(no, this is not a set up to a joke about a giant "normal size" bag)

~ sad... but I really gotta swear off chips.

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recently overheard:

"dad... I'm skipping dinner... so I can save room for candy."

Yeah... right. ! ha!


Help... Can anyone send me an mp3 of "spooky noises"etc... I'm downloading a cd from usenet now... but it's going to take for freaking ever...
(it's "sounds" I want to play on a boom box outside when the kids are coming around... )

~ thanks... got loads!! :D

A wonderful time for kids.

Our halloween event...
... was significant.
And now I will bore you with the details! :D

The boys are 9 and 6.  Santa is still a real dude and
halloween is still the most amazing event on earth...
I mean... to all the houses on the street and
everyone gives you candy.

This year, more than others though.
Geo wanted to decorate the front of the house...

...not to compete with the crazed folks down the street that
BUILD additional temporary structures on their house to
accommodate the halloween freakout.  But enough to
get them involved in stringing cob webs... and painting tomb stones, etc.

We made a great cd of scary music and sounds (thanks btw!!)
and we had a rip roaring scary "house front".

But the thing is... the kids were celebrating all week long.
Not with candy but with activity... and excitement.

Our street was AN ENDLESS SEA OF CHILDREN AT 6:10pm
and it went on solid till 7:15... then it stopped dead. (kids to bed!)
About 90% of the houses on our street participate... and several
of those go to town with big scary decorations.
There were glorious costumes on little kids
and loads of simple costumes on adolescents...
But all of it was lovely.

In fact... one of my neighbors is Allanis Morisette's brother...
(she grew up in Ottawa) and she comes every year to take
his kids out for Halloween... and nobody bugs her...
We all just get busy making a night for the kids.
(and she's a huge star in these parts).
(she was at our door just a few hours ago! :D cool 'eh?)

And in some number of years... our street will be, I suppose,
like my parents street.
Devoid of kids and quiet on Halloween.

Halloween is a commercial success for the candy makers and the wallmarts...
I know that's a terrible thing... Fine.
But on my street... it's all about kids and kids having a really great time.
What a fun and fulfilling social event. :D