October 29th, 2004


Friday, October 29

It's officially "boo" day in offices across the land. People like me will be looking at otherwise normal people that dress up in costumes for the office and wondering about their sanity. Of course, this from the guy that had a thong and fishnets on in the lobby of the last company he worked for on halloween... but I am allowed to forget about things like that because... er... just because.

Ridiculous!!!! Tomorrow and Sunday have rain in the offing!!! and today?
Today is going up to like 17 degrees (canadian!), sunny like madness and crazy beautiful...
Bottom line... I think some Mother Nature has once again abandoned her "nurturing mother" thing in favour of a crack hoe lifestyle and wants to sit back laughing at kids all weekend.

K... my boss, the guy that lies to me all the time...
although he would say it's just "teasing" ...
is one of the many chili makers for todays big chili thing...
and what does he do?
Well he puts the crock pot on floor of his van in front of the passenger seat and drives in rush hour traffic to work.
Needless to say there is a distinct odor of chili in the family transport now...
bwaahaha... geez... I fully intend to use this against him all day.

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: and love'en it! :: ]
~ dk blue t shirt...
~ and a dk blue turtleneck that is ever sooooo comfy. (Yeah fall!!!)
~ well, it's a chilly-cook-off-charity-thing at lunch today... so I plan on feasting... and farting. I swear, this office will be a no mans land by the end of day.
~ write about Survivor at lunch... :D
~ sort out some "process review reports" that boss man big wants today...
~ carve pumpkins tonight... [ :: some of last years pumpkins!! :: ]
~ the very best of wishes for no1topaz... she's gett'en married tomorrow... AND then she'll be allowed to have SEX!! wohoo...
~ more wishes for a wonderful future out to boo1 - who get her little self engaged last weekend. :)
~ some random nice wishes for pasticcio ... just because...
~ good luck to ladymeg1 today... well, any day really, but today 'specially.
~ and some precious wishes to thedreamingtree... who can just stop all the hate'en any time... mk?

Have you heard of "Election Line Dot Org" ( [ :: check 'em out :: ]
Nice non-partisan election process monitors.
They are worth a quick look see Mr and Mrs America.

Have a great Friday guys...

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Chili is all done.

There were about 20 different crock pots full of various chilis ... ranging from Hell On A Stick to Veggie Tree Hugger. They were all good... and I should know. :D

... and as my coworker just said... I'm gonna need to get a seat belt installed on the toilet.

Holy Hot Stuff Chili freakout!!

You know that Wendys "Flamethrower Burger" commercial... where everything the guy breaths on bursts into flames? Yeah... that's me right now.
I'm drinking a coke just to try and burn a layer off the inside of my mouth...


ps. if you have this song... load it up and watch that icon... :) works for me. hahahaha...
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Survivor IX update!!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

Rory Vision

Wherein...little red laser targeting dots appear on John and Rory’s foreheads and basically stay there, thanks in no small part to their behaviour. The girls catch a break and Bum Bum Girl (Julie) totally hoodwinks Twila. It’s nice how they all play so well together. Oh, and I’m not sure how much longer I can watch Sarge with spittle dribbling out of his mouth. Either he goes, or Julie puts her pants back on.

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:::::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]::::::::::::::::

~ keeping in "theme" with my day... :D

Spend most of the day looking for something to do... and then get loaded with last minute "oh this is a huge rush" stuff in the last 30 minutes of the day!


ah well... no complaints.
Life is grand (although the chili is still working it's way through ... so check with me later on the "grand" thing).

When you're not sure where to turn
Look in the mirror and laugh.
Life can conspire to be daunting all it wants,
so long as you have you to in your corner...
you've got everything you need.