October 28th, 2004


Thursday, October 28

You know you want me...

Ok, so we were feeling like a couple of gits today... :)
It's a beeeeeeautiful day. Fucking cold... but gorgeous. That clear night (which made for great moon view'en) gave over to a seriously bazzing morning. brrrr. The sun is washing everything in great big buckets of yellow wow. You would have to be dead... several days dead - not just freshly dead - to not appreciate how wonderful it is to face a day like this.

I had a fabulous sleep last night!! despite waking up in a start when Geo came into our room to climb in and managed to trip and fall against the side of the bed whacking his leg. Suz, and I... both so tired we can barely lift our heads... trying to be helpful for the poor guy... and him... so tired he falls back to sleep in mid cry about how much it hurt. LOL!!

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk green... (wanting to say "hunter green" but ... I really have no idea) dress pants
~ beige goofy t shirt with a collar
~ and a two tone tommy sweater... beige and pale green
~ some long meet'en with boss man to .. you know... work. (sheesh)
~ a bunch of updates to the internal web site (company thing).
~ get closure from my last client... I need to put that one to bed.
~! Survivor Tonight!!! :D
~ that bulvai manages to shake the head boomer...
~ to offer sincere congratulations out to aeuve and her, almost, husband, David. (prepares to throw rice). :D
~ and some more congrats to burntflowers ... she got engaged!!! :D
~ for my good friend groovysegue to have a great day... the only girl I know that talks dirty to her food before devouring it...

// So it starts...
Broward County? manages to overlook the distribution of 60,000 (that was a six and then four zeros!!) absentee ballots requested by constituents... WOW!
Miami Dade... the land where Judges remain sleepless with worry that some murdering bastard named Chad will land in their courtroom... is already the focus of voting irregularities and minor panic.
Guys... this is only the "pre election" ... just try and imagine Voting Day...

Oh... and if you haven't seen Fahrenheit 911 ... and are at all curious... the following link is to a web page that presents the movie in every conceivable download format. You can even watch it online somewhere... one streaming chapter at a time.
[ :: F9/11 Here!! :: ]

// Arafat is sick? You mean he may die? well shit... now if we could get his buddies to die too and then the Israeli leadership too... just wipe the slate clean and start over... then ... maybe ... there could be a chance for some kind of peaceful future...

nah... never happen. Face it people... there is simply no hope for Israel and Palestine. None. Fighting with each other is burned into their freakish genetic code.
But wait... America must spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year to pave the way to peace for them... because... because... because...
... oh was that the sound of a pin dropping?

Okidoki... time to get busy...
See ya. :D
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