October 27th, 2004


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I remember when the gmail dealio kicked in...
and then when I tried it... I was like, ok I'll give it a shot.

now I am mr. gmai-levangelist-yes-man-extrordin-airre!
just say'en...
gmail good

going to bed?
also good.

see ya.
ni ni.

Wednesday, October 27

Gah... for some reason... my as-yet-not-upgraded server is running painfully slow... so I'm taking a big chance and rebooting it from the office. We'll see if I kill it for the day.
(if the picture is a little x... then the reboot went poorly.) The problem is usually the piece of shit DSL Modem that I have... I have to cycle power on it to get things sorted... and I've no capacity to cycle power remotely... so, we'll see.
(edit: Looks like a wash... server dead for the day? ... drag)
and if you are so very fortunate that the picture shows... hahaha... sorry... I was feeling goofy. :D

You know what?
Things are good.
Family, love, work, extended family, health (except that mutha fuck'en tooth thing) and fun...
are all kinda in line lately and I'm happy about that.
Typing that required a little thought... deciding how to say it.
Putting family first seemed natural but putting it right before love made me think for a bit, let alone before health.

I think "growing up" is more about shifting priorities than anything else.
I'm still a bit of a kid and goofy in the way I like to enjoy the time I get for fun...
But the bottom line is that family and love are the defining concepts in my life.
This is nice.

~ black ftls
~ dk gray kinda blue dress pants...
~ black short sleeve button up shirt
~ gray sweater... very little colour today... accenting my abbi-normal pailness...
~ not sure... for sure the "big bid" will jump up and make everyone freak out some more...
~ submit expense report
~ do some insurance stuff re: dentistry...
~ watch "LOST" tonight... (weee!!!!)
~ maybe get around to watching Enterprise... sigh...
~ install Fedora tonight... (crosses fingers... I hope I get the time man!)
~ that fedora thing... that's a wish baby...
~ that my good friend, bondas gets past the feeling of violation... getting robbed sucks huge... but everyone is healthy so there's nothing but net on this one sugar-B.~ to point you all at balljar's journal post [ :: here :: ] so you'll remember to check out the lunar eclipse tonight... :D (check at 11:30 and watch till midnight)
~ that lil'eve... evangelinaarion manages to shake that headache...

Biggest laughs I get lately are seeing, hearing or reading people
say they're sick of the US Election mud slinging or trashing...
It's like a crummy joke...
"How can you spot a republican? Look for the person complaining about trashing... "
It's funny... and that's funny strange not funny ha ha...
how people can decide to ignore what is happening around them
and ride their beliefs into the ground.

You are living in a fear economy.
Don't you realize that's not necessary?

Good luck voting...
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this is a for the record kinda thing...

I realize that much of what I have had to say lately
has been ranting about the potential for a next Republican Presidency.

Much of the feedback has sparked great conversations.
From those I have learned about the issues, about my friends and, often, about myself.
For this I am grateful.

Some of what I get is well described politely as a "hard time" for using my journal a venue for this stuff.
To those that feel that way, I ask that you get a cup of coffee somewhere and sip it while fucking off.
My journal. mine.
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~ no where near getting to the server thing...
~ about to od on TV with West Wing and Lost...
~ went to Home Despot after work and picked up a sheet of styrofoam and spray paint...
~ there are now several tomb stones in my garage... :D (geo wanted head stones for our Halloween zone...)
~ the moon is pretty. Get binoc's if you have 'em to look at the moon. You'll be impressed.
~ we played twister tonight! egad...