October 26th, 2004


Tuesday, October 26

Yeah... well, today started with the headache the dentist gave me yesterday. They usually take a while to settle in and get around to being a pain in the ass... er... the head i suppose. Advils in and I'm waiting for sweet relief. Woke up... did the deeds that need doing... feeding children, making my lunch and coffee... and eating comfort food (hot milk on shredded wheat) and boogied off to work.
Oh and I basked in the glory of a car that wasn't covered in flash frozen dew... :)

It's s'posed to rain today... and be generally miserable. A good day to be a cube worker and busy.
Alas... suz and the boys get to go to Wendys for dinner 'cause I'm going to go watch all the suits talk to themselves and try to convince us we need to hear it.

I really wish people in this city would check their mail and get with the whole "when you see the light blue honda coming, please move your vehicle to the side of the road" program. Is it asking too much to expect everybody else to inconvenience themselves for my benefit? I mean, really... sheesh.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t hiding under a deep maroon dress shirt.
~ and... for some very strange reason... a tie.
~ time sheet day...
~ cough... sadly... I have something happening in my throat that is ... not... good....
~ work on a bid because... that's what everyone here is doing lately... :D
~ go to a company all-staff meeting after work... you know, when I could be at home making dinner for my family.
~ watch Enterprise from last week... maybe...
~ re-install Fedora C2 on the new server (geez I'm excited 'bout this...)
~ to send some good vibes out to bair and some hope that Tom gets through this one quick...
~ good luck to imprincessapril on the move (although ... you prol'y wont see this... :))
~ a few small wishes that giabean finds a way to shake off the stress...
~ condolences to knightsdawn.
~ to send a whole suitcase full of good hopes and wishes to ohmysheglows and I hope you have that baby today (or soon). :D Take care sugar.

People come and people go...
The world is all about ebb and flow
You can't define your own happiness by your interaction with others.
This only walks you down a path paved with your wishes for more...
Look to yourself first and let others join you.
And try not to smell bad... that just ruins everything.

ar ar ar...

[:: Nader? :: ]
... there. That really says' it all... Thank you Bucky and Sachel.