October 25th, 2004


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What a great day!!

er... well, I was a big groggy but still...

TKD is getting fun... we're learning sparing elements that result in taking your partner down... to the floor... completely. Suz and I are usually partners... Clearly there is potential here for great theater!

The kids had a good and tiring day, with homework, play and fresh air... all very good things for a sunday because they add up to kids-unconscious before 9:00 pm. wohooo... :D

We packed in West Wing from last week... I was a wee bit of a wreck at the very end there with donna saying "josh... josh..."
and man-o'man-o'billigoats* was that whole plot line a political parable or what!! wahahahaha... I gotta love partisan hollywood man. I was blabbing away at the television about who I agreed with and who I thought was being a jackoff... Z was very patient. :D  Anyways... good show that. If I'm entertained... i'm an easy grader!

Watched Desperate House Hoes too... poor miss hatcher's stock took a dive with her being such a dip stick about sorting miss extortions'r'us out... An Eddie!!! what a card. She must be so glad she got the role of vapid slurp monkey.  Oh oh oh ... and were you in awe of the little mini human... the one stumping the gardener... when she boogied downstairs with those socks!!! holy crap... that was priceless... :D :D She got all of hatchers lost stock value tonight.

Oh... and a picture...

... don't you just love these guys...

Mk... time for bed...
ni ni.

*come on... you've never said that? shheeesh... you should.

Monday, October 25

The guys I went to HS with... we were so very typically not part of "that group" ... we weren't the jocks... the geeks... the hoods ... whatever... we just got stoned a lot and enjoyed life. We manage to get together every couple of years... usually around christmas as a group... and together more often than that as smaller groups... and it's always just as comfortable as the last time. I'm talking about a group of maybe 12 people... doubled to close to 24 after all the marriages. This is a group of friendships that have not broken down or faded away after thirty years. It's really a very very good thing to have this kind of friendship. We were all together at the wedding this weekend. The experience was really very good for my emotional soul. Kind of a big "recharge". :D I'll try and get to the pictures tonight. :)

It's ridiculous outside...
warming up to 15 today... (that's "warm" in canadian),
sunny like they haven't invented clouds yet...
and just a beautiful day.
Of course, I'm noting this from within my windowless cubicle...
(!!!lol)... Suz and I watched some of Office Space on the hotel tv friday night... er... late...
She's never seen it. I so have to rent it for her. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ kinda cargo... kinda khaki black cotton pants... oh look... another pocket...
~ gray t with a really nice dark sweater
~ on cleaning out the freaking garage so I can park my car in there... (grumbling about scraping car windshield in the morning... grrrr)
~ sorting out more paperwork for my current client
~ watching Enterprise on tape from last week...
~ sort out wedding pictures...
~ getting back on schedule with the server upgrade at home...
~ that zen2475 ... gets that car!
~ for a small bit of peace to grab my friend acoolsecretary and hug her for a bit.
~ that maxlee gets rid of the freaking terrorists...
~ happy lj anniversary out to the_jug... !!

At the wedding... the priest made an exceptionally poignant homily on love. I will do it no justice in recounting it... but suffice it to say that it was interesting how he reminded the assembled that love is not the emotions we feel at the moment but rather the full experience of giving ones self over to a partner... not a 50/50 sharing but an exchange more in the 100% range. It was a very catholic wedding... but the short sermon on love sounded a lot like a ringing endorsement for supporting the notion of same sex unions because love is... what love is.

Priest dude also waxed religious for a bit (surprise surprise) and brought "Jesus will come again" into the story several times.
This had me thinking... The last time he was supposed to have been in town... well, "town" was pretty much the zone that has been having the shit bombed out of it for the last 20 years. I'm thinking... if he bothered to come again it would be a real stroke of luck if he didn't get his seriously holy self all blowed up as collateral damage to some other ongoing struggle. And I mean, really... if some dude with a jet black beard and cheap desert robes come out of the sun to tell a bunch of people he was their saviour... well, I dunno.. but guantonamo bay comes to mind.

(segue time)

Funny how language works...
One mans priest is another man's mystic.
A healer to some is a quack to others.
And of course, there's the freedom fighter / terrorist thing.
Imagine... in some countries they actually call the people that spirit dissidents away "jailers".
They sneak citizens away to hellish semi-secret prisons, stripping away human rights, leveling terrible emotional and physical abuse upon them relentlessly.
Those crazed commies, living just next door in Cuba, are just terrifying in their suspected human rights abuses at that prison they operate along the island's edge...
Hmm? Oh... the Americans run that place? oh... Ok... then I guess it's ok.
Never mind.

alrighty... time to get busy.
see ya. :D
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I wonder how many actual adult type people involved in sorting out the sound show for Miss Simpson are busy practicing saying "and would you like fries with that?" today.

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ok... there was a cancellation ...
so I'm off to the dentist for a 3:15 apt.
why ?

So he can (new dentist) rebore the hole into the root-canalled-tooth and refill it...
Apparently there is some "matter" left down there.
Of course, the real issue is whether or not the tooth will shatter.
The goal, if it doesn't shatter, is to put a cap over it... to hold it together...
This will require... (gasp) cutting away some of the bone to make space...
If not... then it's time to worry about putting in an "implant"
Which means I'd need to have the "base" of my sinus cavity raised up to make room for 'new bone' to grow and be used for the implant anchor.

Dude... next time a dentist tells you the "old amalgam has to come out... so we can put in some nice white stuff"....
grab one of his dentist implements of destruction... and ram it up his nose.

I know they freeze me...
I know it doesn't actually hurt (beyond having the nail on the end of the syringe rammed into the roof of your mouth)... until later...
but a) that later part... sucks cocks in hell... and b) it may not hurt but neither does barfing in a full face motorcycle helmet... doesn't make it fun man.


see ya. :(