October 21st, 2004


Thursday, October 21

Oh man... the cold nights are definitely here... we had "gotta scrape the car" layers of frost the last two mornings and last night was all about rain and general ooogishness. grrr... ah well... at least I get to wear a big comfy sweater today! :D

Geo had a great birthday "day" (and thank you all for the many well wishes!!). His "family" b-day deal was last weekend... and his "friends" b-day thing isn't for two more weeks!!! But that's because we're taking him and his buds to "The Incredibles" and it's not released till Nov. 5.

We were driving to the pizza place for dinner last night... (where, btw, they bent over backwards to make sure he had a nice time...) and Geo comments that he thinks it's prol'y really nice in Heaven. Ug. K... our general rule of thumb is that we never refer to heaven as a "fun zone" and that we re-enforce the notion that we honestly do not know what happens when you die... because, seriously... you don't want to make kids today think Heaven is a big bag of chips and nintendo... Teenage Suicide is bad enough. Any ways, we have an interesting convo as we drive. And then Edward wades in... "You know... You know what the only good thing about HELL is?... You get to swim in fire!!! I mean, you're already dead, so it wont hurt... and you get to SWIM in fire..."

oh man...

Edit: Mad science is a gig we send our kids to on wednesdays during the fall ... kind of an extra thing after school. The Hanger Thing (see previous couple of posts) has everything to do with sound vibrating up from the hanger to your ears throught the string and your fingers.... but it's not just a good "ding" sound... it's positively movie special affects level. :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ black jeans
~ black dress shirt
~ white and dk blue spack-ly, big and comfy, sweater...
~ to spend every moment I can dealing with the edits the clients wanted as per the big meet'en yesterday
~ Survivor night... :D
~ watch West Wing (never got to it last night...)
~ find out what the hell Bit Torrent is and how to use it... :D
~ to send some big mad and crazed congrats out out jaggedpill....
~ that ladyfire has a wonderful trip!!!!
~ to congratulate tonya and all the other SOX fans on my list... fuck that curse man!!! :D
~ oyi... that aristophren feels better...
~ and that sadsong's toe stops hurt'en. :D

Do you dig "LOST"??? I was getting pissed at how gormy the show as last night but it's a "plot" episode and they have to do that in order to get the story properly percolating...
My friend jenbibi asked a great question about the show in her thread [ :: Here! :: ]. If you're a fan... go comment!


The talking radios are all over the "Operation Clark County"
thing via the British "Guardian" paper. If you don't know
what it is ... forget it.. it's dumb ass. Bottom line, I think
it was a dumb idea and I cant believe people don't get that
out of the blocks. So be clear: I didn't think it was a good idea.

That being said... the first and most common complaint from
Americans that fed into the news cycle on the issue was
"Stay out of our business."
And I have to say that is the most laughable thing an american
can possibly say with respect to global interaction.
America is the planetary leader in sticking their collective nose
in other peoples business.
In fact, that is the single biggest reason that the planet is paying
such close attention to the upcoming election.!!

// rant on...
Hey America!!
Why are you voting Republican?
Why are you voting Democrat?
No really!!
If you're answer is "because that's what we do in this state" or "my family is republican (or D) and always has been" or anything even remotely close to that...
Then shame on you.

You live in a country that has the honorable or dubious distinction (depending on your point of view) of being the Super Dooper Power and this is one seriously important election from the view point of domestic AND foreign policy.

You fucking owe it to yourself, and all the children that come after you, to cast an informed vote.

The voting history in your family may have been a nice crutch in the past, but this is 2004 and definitely not the world your father or his father grew up in. People... Americans and to a much larger extent, non-americans, will live and die based on the results of this election.

I beg you to get your ass out there and vote... and you deserve a sound drubbing if you don't make it an informed vote.

// K, I'll stop...

Time to get back to being busy...
see ya. :)

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.... ... he's spent.

the day is officially fucked right off.
which happens only after one rounds on the day and tells it to do so.
which I have ...

so now it's time for the home-show... that is to say... to show up at home.

I don't know about you, but I know for sure that I have just had a great day.
I really nailed down my project...
Helped out a friend (here in town),
and had some great conversations with smart people (here in lj).


See ya.