October 20th, 2004


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all is quiet in the land.
we're sitting here...
she at her computer...
me at mine...
the children snug in their beds.
... and the central vac turns on.

I had to go downstairs,
and find the thing and turn the switch off!

No really.


Wednesday, October 20

Has anyone heard, or should I say, does anyone have a line on the song "Follow Me" by Miss J... A new artist from Denmark????????????????

It's one of those weird days today... like maybe somebody that writes really great poetry managed to write todays script.
The air is crisp... the sun is blazing in a blue sky and every deep breath you take outside makes you want to spread your arms like you can fly.
It's just absolutely perfect outside.

We sent Geo to school with two "40" boxes of tim bits (donut holes from Tim Hortons). It's his birthday. Everyone in his class will get two and then he'll take a bunch down to the office, because ... well just because. I'm talking to him about this last night... and he says "Well it's a good thing Mr. Smithson is not there anymore [ principal ]. He would take one for each eye, one for his nose, another for his mouth and one for each hand. He was a bit of a pig." bwaahahahahahahaha...

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ very soft white cotton t...
~ with a really well made but somewhat prickly (hence the t-shirt) maroon dress shirt
~ tie! die tie ... die die die... I bet if I threw a "y" in there I could get some good colours...
~ to be at my clients site this afternoon for a meeting with several different flavours of "big cheese" types... My spidey senses are tingling... I'll have to pack my big brain.
~ to go out to a pizza dinner with my lovely family tonight... and sing to my little Georgie after dinner...
~ and watch "LOST" later. :D
~ you could imagine (and I know a lot of you can) how smooooshy I can feel if I let my mind rush back nine years...
~ that dinner for ladyfire goes well tonight... and that the big trip goes freaking fabulous!!!!
~ to point out that thedreamingtree has to change her user info name to Snapper... 'cause that's her name now. :)
~ that I could lend a little warmth to tiarafetish... and help in some way...

Did you watch that Jon Stewart video segment from Cross Fire? Is that the bomb or what? Talk about rocketing his stock in the trade up to skyscraper heights!!!
"What you do is partisan hackery" oh my god... I fucking loved this. It's really right up there with Pierre Burton talking about how to roll a joint!


Nine years ago yesterday...
I woke to find my little suz sitting up in bed and making this remarkable face...
kind of a cross between mad excitement and devastating fear.
My job was to say... "breath baby..." and find my watch.
It was a long day... I even went into the office at one point!
I remember going on a very long walk with her and wondering just how long we would be waiting!
Day became night and night became... forever burned into my memory.
The time came to drive, but this only brought us both to a new place to spend our time waiting.
Waiting gave way to yelling, crying, straining and laughing... and then a lot more crying.
A tear is crawling down my face as I type...
I remember, within minutes of the first tiny little cry, phoning my mom and dad,
"Dad... I want to introduce you to George Richard... he made it!"

.... I love this life.
so very much...
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So I was shop-orama guy last night... over at wallmart to get winter boots for Geo...
It's like... 8:00 pm... the store is hoping... as usual.
I'm going through the cash... and we're to the "swipe your card sir" part...
and this very seriously strange silence happens.
register girl and I look at one another ...
We wait... 1, 2, 3, 4, ... I'm counting in my head... and I get to 10.
It ends... and she comments "that was really weird... " and she's looking around the store.
I concure and thank her and am on my way...
Absolutely agog at the strangeness of the moment.

It was like the muzak kinda toned down, and by some very odd quirk of circumstance, every conversation, clanging shopping cart... everything... seemed to stop.
As if the complex wave pattern of sounds washing across the store were suddenly met by counterpoints to each element of the pattern and cancelled one another out.
I would have writen it off as just weird but register girl noticed too...

A very x-files moment.

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So that music question...

No takers?

Has anyone heard, or should I say, does anyone have a line on the song "Follow Me" by Miss J... A new artist from Denmark????????????????

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k... so everybody else on the planet may already know this...
but my six year old just taught it to me...


grab yerself a standard wire coathanger.
get two lengths of string... maybe 12 inches long.

Tie the strings to the coat hanger... one in each corner...
so when you hold the strings up, the coat hanging is an upside down triangle...
Make sense?

Now wrap the string around the index finger on each hand a few times

K... work with me on this part...

bend over.

stick your fingers in your ears (the fingers with the string wrapped around them).

You are now have an inverted coat hanger, hanging from stings that are tied to your fingers which are stuck in your ears.

Cool.  No walk over to a chair and BONK the coat hanger against it... so that it vibrates on the end of the string.

Do this. 

Go do this now... :)