October 19th, 2004


Tuesday, October 19.

The Mount St. Pimple is still gathering strength... there have been several face quakes recorded in the last 24 hours... Fortunately, over exposing a cam picture covers that up nicely. :)

We started our day off with a trip to the Lawyers office... we're sorting out our wills and stuff... just paper work.
We sat down and as lawyer dude prepared to spend the next two and half hours talking and being lawyerly...
and charging us hundreds and hundreds of dollars... I asked him if he wouldn't mind being a witness to the Intuit Software Will Maker documents I prepared.
"Lawyers never witness" he says...
I glanced out his window... tuned him out and imagined standing on his desk and peeing all over his giant, neat, and lawyerly stacks of paper.

I glanced back to him and said this... he... was really not what we needed.
He wanted to review our entire asset environment ... and do a comprehensive estate plan.
WFT? Our estate is simple and the documents we have from the Intuit program are fine until things actually get complicated.
I'm making no apologies for blowing him off... which I did over the next 5 minutes and we left.
So that's one lawyer bill we've put off for another few years.

No doubt we'll get a bill for the time it took us to blow him off. sheesh...
What's brown and white and looks good on an lawyer?
Oh wait... they're banning pit bulls in Ontario so that joke is gonna have to retire.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ beige t and a dark blue corduroy dress shirt... although ... "corduroy" and "dress" are arguable in their use together describing a shirt...
~ spend the first bit of the day in a lawyers office... oooooh fun.
~ sorting out project time sheets, project final format and prepping for a presentation to the clients tomorrow. :D
~ to take a good hard look at what it costs to buy three seasons of Farscape on DVD...
~ that good news finds the community around keefriffards... scary stuff man...
~ and to send a few nice enjoy this day vibes out to dawna
~ to point out that you will, in fact, fit that dress Michelle. :D no1topaz is getting married in a couple of weeks... (Does a little dance). :D
~ that ninneviane's knee feels better!!! (oh, and it' IS such a sweet sweet taste...)
~ for the head pain to ebb away for arlyn
~ and that DAY 2 works out ok for my good friend wolfiegirl!!!

Doug Bennett, the heart and soul of "doug and the slugs" passed away on the weekend.
I had the great fortune to see them perform many times when I was in college... (like, eight times... hahaha) they were a really fun band to see live. :) Rest in peace Doug.
~ and on that note... I can't get a copy of "Too Bad" anywhere... anyone wanna send one or a link to cortitto@gmail.com ??? hehehe... :D


So if the big dudes from your high school went to
the high school on the "wrong side of the tracks"
to find out who was picking on Becky Sue at the
Quicky Mart Friday night... and then punish them.
Well... can you imagine that maybe the big kids at
that other high school might kinda have an attitude
about them coming into their yard to seek revenge.
I mean, power to them... and Becky Sue is gonna be
all impressed... heck she may even give the dudes
head for their trouble, but then again, Becky Sue
is a bit of a slut.
No, the real issue is just how long the dudes think
they can get away with bringing their fight to the
other kids school yard. The longer they're there...
and the more kids they beat up thinking they have
finally found the ones that were picking on Becky Sue...
the more kids will get out of gym class and come to
see what the trouble is. Sooner or later those big dudes
will find themselves surrounded. They may fight well,
but ... they will eventually get their asses kicked.
You know this right?
Oh... and it only gets worse if those idiots went to
the wrong school. Heck, the guys that picked on
Becky Sue prol'y don't even go to school... although
the kids at this school ... may have been harboring them!!!

Just say'en...


K... time to go. :D

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yeah... well who knew it would be well-nigh impossible to find a copy of Star Wars Clone Wars for Game Cube...
And I have to have it before I get home from work so on-line solutions are officially out.
It's a birthday prezzi for Geo and I just (stooooopidly) thought "oh... there'll be loads of that one out there..."

Day is done... and very done because I gotta hit a half dozen game stores en route to casa de corto.


The following conversation is a fiction that I am proposing actually takes place once every thirty seconds somewhere in america;

Egbert: "Hey Chuck... d'ya see on FOX last night... dem Rackies done blowed up another jeep. fuckers..."
Chuck: "Yeah, well Georgie 'ell get 'em for that just you wait an see..."
E: "Oh I hears ya Chuck... Eva since that rag top Omassa started mess'en with 'Merica ... well they bin getting their furry butts kicked all over the desert!"
C: "Well it jus goes ta show ya. Ya don't mess wid us. Heck we beat the crap out of them Rackies for attacking us and now all them desert people is thinking twice!"
E: "Yup. Good thing we got Georgie in the Big Chair."
C: "Yup"
E: "Yessiree"
C: "Yup"
E: "Yup... hey chuck... watch this..."
C: "NORMA!!! Call the ambulance... "

I get the sense that George is going to return to power.


dum di dum...

see I find it a little disconcerting
and lot weird that whenever I
make fun of gooberish americans
all the southerners think I'm making
fun of southerners...

and don't be alarmed...
I'm offensive but I believe in equality.
I make fun of gooberish canadians,
brits, and the ever gooberish French...
god rest their poor misguided poutine eating souls.

Was it Shakespear that said something like;
me thinks tho protests too much...*

* and I'm sorry if I'm killing that quote...