October 18th, 2004


Monday, October 18

Ok... you can check out the Mount St. Helen's volcano cam or you can pop into my web cam site and catch a look at the PIMPLE THAT ATE NEW YORK... that is growing on my face. No, it doesn't show up well on the cam pic... but it's red and not "oh look at that little pimple" red... more like OH MY GO WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE red and ... and it's growing. I'm thinking eleven pound goiter by tomorrow. It's in that space between my nose edge and my cheek bone. If it keeps up... I may have to get it a mitten when the really cold weather hits. Of course that's going to be a problem... because mittens only come in pairs... so one mitten is never going to realize it's mitten destiny. And, of course, the other one will spend it's life on a ginormous pimple. It's just not fair... I never wanted to hurt any mittens... I wash! I try to eat properly... and now? Now I'm planning on putting innocent mittens through absolute hell on earth. Don't judge me for this... I'm normally far more considerate of knitted goods. I also enjoy a good crisp piece of bacon with my eggs... but that's another story. Inn'it.

So it's a beeeeeautiful day here... You know how it works... Weekends are two days of on and off rain, blustery winds, and steely gray cloud cover so that Monday morning can dawn crisp, clear and gorgeous.... because, you know, people don't already have enough reasons to look at their bosses like they're the enemy. I bet the Boss Coalition Of The Willing are going to gang rape Mother Nature soon... just to teach that bitch a lesson. Wait... is that a little harsh? Oh, and I snapped a kinda [ :: normal smiley picture :: ] just um, just because.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk gray, tending towards blue (lol) dress pants
~ zee white shirt!
~ teddy bear tie and dk blue v-neck sweater.
~ well...a soon as the email comes through... dive into this gig for my boss... to be done ASAP... and this post will no doubt be interrupted and finished moi later
~ look for feedback from my client re the Switch document
~ start pounding out a final version of that doc and finish that gig.
~ tonight? hmm? well I haven't really thought that far ahead yet...
~ for this week to go exactly as my friend kimberly27616 wants it to...
~ a safe voyage for bitchcakes_xo... please.
~ that the interview goes well for canuckgirl
~ for the choices pushed on distortedgirl this week to be ... reasonable.
~ that the makeup covers it up lil'giabean
~ and to wish for the strength of heart, mind and soul to help my friend wolfiegirl win her battle with smokes.

I know I'm a bit sucky sometimes.... but it's part of my thing so deal with it...
Todays foray into suckyness is to point out that I've known queenveets for, well... really a very long time... and she has simply never failed to be impressive. It has everything to do with just how down to earth and real she seems to be and that, in the busy world of a young woman making a life... she has always had time to extend kindness and considered thoughts to her friends... let alone me. You're a really good friend sugar-veeta.


So I was pushed towards a little info on the life and times of LDS communities out west and - of course - in Colorado City. I know a woman here in lj land that is part of an Alberta community that is LDS and nothing she has ever said sounds even remotely like the sort of stuff getting media attention lately. I wonder if maybe I'm misunderstanding some key aspect of this. I really need to read more about this... I mean, there is no question that the shit going down in BC and Arizona is some bad mojo shit but but but... I'm only going on what the news media tells me. This is the same sources of information that tell me Bush is doing a good job saving America from imminent. destruction so I have to discount it ... a lot.

Ok... now it's time to get back to work. See ya.

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Geek Question:
I need a free solution to the problem that many government departments now reject email messages with more than 40 people in the "CC" field.
Sending email to a "membership list" created in Outlook populates the CC list with the whole membership list.
The goal is to get a software app that will cause one email to go out... with one name on it... then send another... with another name on it... etc. etc. etc... reading from list of like 400 names.
Does this make sense?

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yeah so, see I enjoy swearing.

I don't enjoy being hurtful with words...
but I can see several great reasons to work "fuck" into pretty well any conversation and it's a trial to keep it out of my talk at home with or around the kids.

That, however, is not the point.

I promised myself that for one week... just five short days... I would not give my boss a reason to do his "ack... shhhhh... Andrew!" thing when he pulls his headphones off and hears me swearing about one thing or another. I tell him about this, this morning when he comments... "you ok? You don't seem to be... um... what? what is it?" and then I explain.

Well, he immediately whips out cash with a cubemate and they now have a little friendly wager on it... sheesh.

I need to remind you... it's not all "cursing"... I mean, the other day, I clipped my head on the desk overhead ... and when I whispered "fuck" ... (versus yelling faaaaaaaccccck!) my boss was actually impressed. But most of the "fucks" come out as gentle additions to normal speech.

There's the standard W5 of fuck;
What the fuck?
How the fuck?
When the fuck?
Who the fuck?
and of course,
Why the fuck?

But then, when it really worms it's way into you head...
This if fucking awesome!
That is absofuckinglutely right on... lets do that...!

Ok, theres no fucking way I can get that done, and besides, what the fuck is the fucking point because you know as well as I do that he doesn't fucking work on Mondays or Tuesdays. He just fucking sits at his fucking desk and sucks air. Fuck it...

... which reminds me;
Fuck it is the most perfect expression in the universe... and when it comes to perfect words, is right up there with the word "cunt" (in all it's forms)

Ok I'll shut up now... I just need to get some fuck's out.

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LOL!!! Jon Stewart on Crossfire (thanks shoo) was absolutely priceless... Man did he take those guys to task.

Ok... today is all done and it's totally time to go home. :)
like... totally.... man.
word... homie.


OH yeah... and regarding that raging debate in Ontario...

I'm really pissed off.
It's totally not fare.
I have been planning to own a sherman tank in a few years...
But now? No way Jose...
The government is trampling on my rights again!!!
I have been denied the chance to own a sherman tank.
Dammit... you can't blame all sherman tanks for the poor choices some sherman tank owners have made.
They've just ruined it for all of us.
If you train your shirman tank properly... it can be a wonderful load hauler and I'd even let my neighbors kids play on it!!
But noooooooooo.....
Just because a few girl guides dive under the treds of some guys poorly trained and obviously out of control sherman tank...
I have to face a life without any hope to own a shirman tank.
Although... I'm sure there's places I could move that would let me own a shirman tank.
Frig... next thing you know they're going to tell me I have to put down my F16.


You know that kid ... um... was his name shirman? the kid on Peanuts that did the totally funkadelic head bob dance at the Christmas dance on A Peanuts Christamas??
Any ways... this song is totally Shirman Head Bob music. :D
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