October 16th, 2004


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So the OMA (ontario medical association) is
looking at [ :: making it an offense :: ] to smoke
in a car when the kids are in there too...
!! How cool is that! :D

Oh... and Ontario is about to pass (or try to pass)
a law officially [ :: banning Pit Bulls. :: ]
This is a no brainer. I know people are going to be
up in arms... and every body has their rights...
so whatever, but you can't argue with the facts
in this situation.
You can train a dangerous animal for a lifetime...
and when you're done,
you have a trained dangerous animal.
Trained? yes...
still dangerous? yes.
Deal with it.


So I look over at Suz's computer and there's a
message telling us how much fun it is to be just
about done installing all current patches to her
WinXP pro o/s. hahahaha...
I was still on the fence after that poll (about SP2)
 but this made it a mooo* point.
We'll see how it works out on hers. :D

The kids and I watched Joan of Arcadia again tonight.
I'm really confused about why she (joan) wears the
clothes she wears... but besides that... it's all good.
We end up talking about what the heck is going on
in the show like mad, and bringing everything down
to 6 and 8 year old zones... and it's kinda neat.
Geo asks very cool questions about the subject and
Edward notices the very small details in the settings.
And... the best part... her brother, not the wheel chair
jockie, but the mr. smarts-n-stuff, yeah...
he freaking looks exactly like a younger version of my
cube mate at work... I was totally wondering that last
couple of shows "who does that guy remind me of..."
and man... it's totally him. :)

k... tis late.
I'm going to have a wee talk with the admiral and power
around a desert race track in a buggy for a few minutes
(there.com) and then hit the sack.

CFS is up next, so I'll see ya on Sunday.

143 and ni ni

* mooo point : (c/o Joey Tribianni) "So a couple of cows
disagree about something and they want to argue about it...
but they can't... they're cows! It's mooo! It's a mooo point!"