October 13th, 2004


Wednesday, October 13.

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Yeah! hahaha... I mean, ok... I'm not gloating but still... It's been frigg'en years baybee...
See I'm all gamed up about the way the mornings are going with the boys.
Edward is eating more average breakfasts... bacon, egg and toast...
Geo is eating a fuller (if a little creative) breakfasts... (protein shakes, hot cereal, etc.)
and there are no big goofy arguments about actually eating.
Relating to this is kinda one of those "do you have kids" moments... but it's been a long haul getting to this stage... believe me.

It's cold again, but sunny sunny sunny...
A lovely day!

~ black stripee ftls
~ black? well... very dark something, kinda cargo pants
~ white t under another dark shirt...
~ keeping my head down...
~ getting draft one of my project report to the client
~ did I mention keeping my head down...
~ going to the post office on the way home from work...
~ watching LOST tonight... :)
~ that my friend msmichelle gets to continue enjoying these days... :) but honestly... they only get better! :D
~ and that pixiecup and her Owen are fine!! sheesh... that must have been scary!
~ to send a few friendly vibes to carefreespirit... to lift her up a bit and maybe keep her warm.
~ and to just say "hey" to my friend nebil... just 'cause.

and I hope you have a great vacation harleydog :D

So imagine... a big government department called HRDC (it's name has since changed... um... big surprise) was the focus of media and "inquiry" attention a couple of years ago because they lost ... one billion dollars. (and put yer baby finger in yer mouth when you say that!). The government of Canada is dripping with "inquiry" over a one hundred million dollar mess in something we're calling "Adscam". There's more... but just with those two examples, we have to add on the phenomenal cost of actually running the inquiries... seriously huge dollars.

Ok... getting the BIG MONEY picture here?

Right... now... we bought a few second hand subs from the Brits... old diesel subs that will "make great training subs when we're in operations with our NATO allies". We paid 300 mill for them. We've spend another 700 mill on fixing them because... they suck. A sub-mariner (aka seman) just died a terrifying death, in a fire on board the last Second Hand Sub on it's maiden voyage from the Used Sub Lot in Scotland ("Come on down... Do we have deals? We have just the sub for you... K'mere and kick the conn tower").

Last time we checked the sub refurb budget had been cut by 54 million... because it was getting too expensive.

I'm so very on the fence with this issue.
~ on the one hand... we fucking chuck money out the windows but the truck load on government boondoggles and inquiries, yet we cannot afford a proper sub.
~ on the other hand... what the fuck do we need a sub for? Especially a shitty, diesel, old, used, training sub? Shall we repel the advancing Germans with them? Oh wait... the germans aren't advancing... Well, a billion dollars is money well spent if it means the US and the Brits can kick us around when we go play war games with each other.
~ oh and look... my kids teacher is wildly underpaid and I have to send my kids to school with "three boxes of kleenex and four glue sticks" as part of this years "Get the parents to pay for supplies because we can't afford them" initiative.

What a drag.

Ok... time to get to work...
work work work... :)