October 12th, 2004



~ well... I'm definitely behind on the server upgrade plan. but it'll move along. :D

~ we watched "along came polly" after the kids crashed...

~ the kids watched "home on the range" while I did a review of some 100 page rfp from work....

~ polly was ok, I laughed a few times and put up with Stiller... Actually a very complimentary presentation of Jennifer... seriously.

~ the "home on the range" movie got way WAY more laughs than polly. :)

~ walking through a "nature trail" today with the kids and suz...
Walk for ages alone with the woods...
kids battling with walking sticks...
kids blabbing away about whatever...
Then another family merges from some fork in the road and dragged forward by dogs on leashes, the lovely family overtakes and passes.
Of course, at this exact moment Edward is heartily observing "Dad, George and me all have walking sticks... mom... you're the only one with out a stick... and your the only one with a vagina!"
Lovely. :)

Ok... it's night night time.
see ya.

Tuesday, October 12.

peace man...
I dunno... sometimes I think I should post a string of little tiny pictures... each of them, the morning pictures I snap before I give up, start laughing, and snap the one you usually see... I spend 5 minutes making faces and contorting my face... hahaha... it's like a facial work out... :)

It's fucking cold baby... absolutely a shiv-v-v-ery morning.
I was all stuffy and stumbly when I woke up so when I made the kids breaky... I made some warm up food too...
I had my ultimate comfort food for breakfast... hot hot milk poured over a shredded wheat with white sure sprinkled on top.

~ blue ftls
~ dk gray dress pants...
~ white dress shirt...
~ mickie tie and a warm blue sweater...
~ get all goofy busy with the project... (current project to sort out a client requirements for a new switched environment...)
~ watch f9/11 tonight...
~ work out some plans for how to force a second hard disk into a dell computer that was made to house only one...
~ make it through the day without going absolutely insane...
~ ouch!!! enough ouchi tooth (jaw) pain for jenbibi... I hope you get some good drugs for that ouch sugar.
~ to say I'm totally down with hilts on his recent rant about Halloween... I don't understand "decorate your cube" shit at work ... not even a little.
~ to send some love'en out to ninneviane... just 'cause...
~ that duhneese gets her hands on good choices and that things work out...
~ that my very sweet friend teasdale enjoys her weekly "desperate housewives"... (I'm loving that show)

// rant on baybe...
Ok... [ :: Federal Public Service On Strike :: ] ... Let me just say....


If you have to cross picket lines and break union rules... then power to you.
The union is a bunch of powerless wanks anyways.
I have absolutely no patience for picket lines and strike action by people that draw their wages from my tax dollars.
I hold that opinion with confidence and comfort... having worked as a perm fed for 14 years... and when the cocksucking cum belching criminals that call themselves a union executive told us to go on strike ... I refused. I completely disagree with the notion that a public servant should have the right to strike. I worked every single day of that strike despite being beaten by ASSHOLES that called themselves coworkers and friends, and burned in effigy out front of a government building...

My feelings are so damn strong on this issue... it just makes me twitch with anger.

You are fortunate in the EXTREME to have a full time, pensionable, job... Huge numbers of public servants are lazy chair warmers... while the rest work double time to make up for the first group. I recognize that working without a contract is a problem however.... you all voted the liberals back in so and you voted to keep the same Union Executive... so it seems like you are your own worst enemy. "Work to rule" if you want (although Canada prol'y couldn't stand the sudden productivity) but for the Union Executive to draw their six figure salaries, sit in their posh offices and tell the rank and file public servants to go walk the line ... well it's just fucking stupid. And for you suckers to do it ... well it just blows me away.

If I had my way the entire Union Executive would be dragged out onto the street and made to walk the picket lines, forgo their salary and GET NOTHING until a deal is reached. And that's only because I would be held back by friends and family from having that executive turned over to Larry the Rubber King for a firm beating for putting all these average canadians in such a terrible position.

You draw salary from my tax dollars.
Get to work and shut the fuck up about what you don't have.

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Ok .... it's blue line reduction day.

(edit: "blue line" people who I have added as friends but are no longer listing me as a friend, "red line" people who have added me but I have not yet added back = this is a reflection of the colour coding used in the 'sema livejournal client')

I often keep peeps that drop me for a few days just to see what's up and make sure their lock.
Today is time to clear the decks. So blue lines be gone.

Today is also get-outta-dodge day.
If you've wanted to drop me... but, for whatever reason, haven't...
DO IT. I wont email ya, I promise I will drop you back right away and there will be zero drama.
... but that's just for today. Drop me tomorrow... and I'll be all over ya... hahahaha... ok ok ... not. :)

and ps. If you're a red line in my list... it's because I haven't received a note from you.
Check my bio if you wonder what that's about... otherwise... enjoy the red line'ness. :)

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Dear Magma Communications Ltd. (http://www.magma.ca)

Your policy of affording residential high speed clients with a meg of storage space on your servers and a full gig of monthly upload bandwidth has been sufficient to my needs for the past two years. Most clearly this is because you allow four gigs of upload bandwidth from my server so the use of your server resources is minimal.

The fact that you now break that 1 gig of transfer up into 15 minute blocks has resulted in that service being denied because traffic on my sight exceeds 300 k per fifteen minutes. You advised me to move a key file that was causing problems... so I move the HORRIFIC 400 k file back to my own server. However, my web site continues to be FUBAR because I am still exceeding the ridiculous limitations you have placed on it.

I will move all the graphics to a better service and I will include a special banner explaining your pathetic service caviet to all viewers of my web site. I receive about three million hits per year on my web site and I would much rather be telling those visitors what a wonderful service Magma offers.

The ball ... as they say... is in your court.