October 11th, 2004


Monday, October 11

So.... it's gray... it's bazzingly cold and it's a great day to be in the house puttering.
Thanks giving holiday monday is my new best friend.

I know deep down in my heart that yer gonna just hate me for this...
but I mean seriously, Superman was such an enormous frigg'en git
and only because chrissy reeves was playing him. gah! and all those
torturous interviews with him doing the dr.evil "look and feel" thing
are going to get rebroadcast...

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ and ma big orange stripe shirt!
~ on having a fabulous day! no really...
~ is Futureshop open today? hmmm...
~ must find some little project to do this afternoon... 'cause it's too frigg'en cold to go outside. brrrr.
~ going to rent a movie for tonight.
~ to send a whole bunch of hopeful vibes out to dreamy_thoughts... 
~ and a wee happy birthday to Jarod Michael... :)
~ a happy thanksgiving to all my canadian friends... at home or somewhat displaced... (that includes you Cathy!! :D)

It's kinda cool watching how the ebb and flow of frustrated emotion is playing out among my american friends. I've got a fairly broad spectrum sample of friends representing a good distribution of attitudes, opinions and general politics here in lj land.  The talk here in the run up to this years presidential election has been interesting but this final stretch is just amazing! 

The Moore film... F9/11 (for example) is sure a hot little item...
people loving it, people hating it ...

It's great you know, because despite what you may think of Moore,
or whether or not you can be made to believe that voting irregularities
swayed the vote in Florida, etc etc...
You're all still talking about it!

"Talk"  is the currency of change, and the blood of politics.

Ok... time to go... see ya. :)

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picture taken on walk in park...

... because people need to be careful about the zombies bust'en out of the ground to eat their brains....