October 7th, 2004


Thursday, October 7

Sun sun sun... and more sun.
I totally woke up on the right side of the bed today. :D :D :D :D
Actually eating a proper breakfast prol'y helps a bit with the whole "good mood" thing...
It's one thing to get your kids to sit still long 'nuf to eat a proper breakfast but doing that yourself? well ... another story altogether... lol.

I'm really kinda freaked out by the volumes of homework that George is bringing home... He's doing work at school, so it's not like he's just lazy at school and has to do it all at home... he works on stuff at school and yet has like three freaking hours of homework a night... He's in grade freaking four man.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and a dk blue button up shirt... :)
~ I be project boy all day... I have an absolute mountain of work to do today... ug.
~ Survivor Tonight!!!!! (weeee)
~ tonight is server lock down... nothing added and nothing changes until the o/s upgrade is done. (except the morning pics... :D)
~ that my friend inspectorjury does ok with work today... and that somebody takes him out to dinner... I would ... if I was just a wee bit closer!! :D
~ good luck out to angryvixen in dealing with the browser hijack... it's such a bitch... gah.
~ bellamode... Jamil is one seriously lucky young man. :)
~ to just send some good vibes out to a very precious friend... sweet lil'serraph... just because...
~ and my very best hopes and wishes out to my friend bratt72... for grandma... and for the whole family sugar.

Chrysalis House... is a relatively new womans shelter near us. The organization Suz works for built it and maintains it. Bullet proof glass, re-enforced exterior doors with industrial locks and security.... lots of security. Who goes there? Women and children that ... live next door to you. Average people facing challenges that would make your skin crawl. They are referred to this shelter by someone in the social care community, and they bolt from their matrimonial homes with a baby in one arm and a bag of whatever they can carry in the other. In the dead of night they are met by a non-descript car and drive to safety. It's scary that this is real... happening in our ... your ... neighborhood and you'd never know it, unless you worked in that industry. There is no sign out front of Chrysalis house. It's not on any maps and nobody on a phone will tell you the address. The women there are well and truly afraid.

Now ...
In Iraq, since the fall of Sadam there has been a re-emergence of Suni and Muslim clerical authority... filling the vacuum created by the dissolution of organized policy and politics. This is not news to anyone. Now... imagine... Women in Iraq wear Burkas more so now than they did before the fall. Why? Well because those clerical organizations are the new word! In Iraq today, safe houses operate to provide shelter to women that have fallen on the wrong side of family honour. Their safe houses are guarded by men and women carrying automatic weapons and they will use them without hesitation. They are defending residents against the relentless effort of their families who want to kill them dead and kill their children and there will be no tears if they are successful. Why? because those wretched beasts of women had the disrespect to go and get themselves raped. Oh yeah... If a woman is raped in Iraq, her family will kill her... because there is no difference between that and having sexual relations out of wedlock... also a kill'en offence. If Dad doesn't like the man she fell in love with... He will kill them both. Why ? It's all about tribal honour and Sharia Law.
I'm not making this up... however insane it sounds. [ :: a july 2004 article :: ] [ :: more :: ]

Chrysalis house does good work... and it's an important part of our community. But, thank god, they don't have to arm the girl at the front desk with an AK47.

And the oil continues to flow out of Iraq.

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coworker dudes... went to Giant Tiger... and bought cheeseburgers.
Giant Tiger is where recent immigrants go to buy mo-mos and ashtrays and little shoes made in countries you didn't know existed.
The cheeseburgers come in a plastic bag and are sold from a "cooler" however, coworker is not certain that they actually needed to be in the cooler.
Then it's open plastic and microwave.
Bun ... same consistency as the cheese... same consistencey as the meat (and I use that word loosely).

What the hell possesses people to do this...
They're digestive system is going to be some kinda pissed off in a few hours.
the hand

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ug... work day is done.
I didn't type a single word in the project.
I read a massive amount of stuff...
watched some amazing online demo's
and wandered through a dozen power point shows...

Tomorrow is definatley going to be a "write'en day".

Time to blow this pop stand and find my way through the sun.

Living in the West end of a city...
and working in the East end of a city...
translates into driving "into the sun"
on the way to and from work.
You know this blows right?

You reading this?
You a survivor fan?
Set your VCR! It's on tonight.

Hey... you... 143!
see ya.