October 6th, 2004


Wednesday, October 6.

yeah... feeling a whole lot better today... :D :D
Boy I had a great night last night. I really enjoyed all the feedback on the anniversary post... thank you!

I managed to get the plans on the fedora project to move along a bit... (updating the o/s on my server)
it's still gonna take for-freaking-ever to sort this migration out... :D

Today started out c-c-c-c-c-c-cold but still yummi...
Got the kids through clothing and breakfast without a hitch.
Z is working w-f for a while so we sort our mornings by tag-teaming on the "get the kids to school" effort.
This is working well... :D (I like it ... a lot... when "team effort" stuff works out well)

It's cold and gray out today, but the sun rises outside our bedroom window so we always get the brilliant sun as it climbs to the clouds. It's nice. :D

~ blue ftls... um... different ones... I am not allowed to wear the same pair twice... rules rules rules... (hahaha)
~ dk gray dress pants... was wearing beige dockers for about 6 seconds... but dude... it's a fat day for sure.
~ dk burgundy dress shirt and a tie... little client thing this afternoon...
~ writing a shit load of stuff for my project today...
~ visit the client this afternoon to talk about service desk reports for switch failures.
~ watching "Lost" tonight... (and kinda looking forward to it yo... :D)
~ to just send a few happy vibes to wrldtravlr2... who had a pretty good night last night... :D
~ that koozi-kumoki kumi gets out of the swirling water she's swimming in right now...
~ queenveets manages to escape the evil crusties that infected her mood this morning...
~ ug... that elliriel gets her computer fixed up...
~ to congratulate jamesbaxter on the three day weekend jaz... enjoy!!
~ for a little warmth to sneak up on harleydog
~ and that my sweet friend, nbbmom finds her home soon...

Quiz: who said "no... let me finish"? Better yet... to whom was he speaking? bwaahahahaha...

I gotta say... Kerry doesn't make me squirm with delight but if Bush gets back in power I will weep for you guys.
Obviously a lot of Americans like the guy... but a lot of people like to pour hot candle wax on their nipples too.
No really... it's not about like and dislike (although I could go for hours if it was).
It's about domestic policy, honesty, accomplishment and global responsibility.
On all these fronts... the Bush administration has put in a really bad showing.
Why would America ask for more?

"do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Now that's all well and good,
but when I started spanking her ass really hard and tweaking nipples
all she did was kick me in the nuts and run away.
I think that policy needs some work.
Maybe we could add in a bit about "talking" and "listening".
Imagine what a wonderful world it could be...
... if people just frigg'en communicated with each other.

Ok... time to get to work.
See ya.
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someone asked about "what scares you" earlier... and I was at a loss.
I mean... there's cliche things about the well being of my family etc...
but on a "BOOOO!" level... what scares me?

[ :: This stuff does :: ]

... and now they've made a movie about it...

Apples got the trailer for "White Noise" up...

[ :: see the trailer :: ]

yessirreee... you want to get the hairs on the back of my neck to do the cha cha?
this stuff does it...

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Yeah... so, not that I'm an anti smoking radical or anything...*
(because I have always felt this way about this topic...)

But what kind of fuck up do you have to be to smoke in your car when you kid is strapped into a car seat behind you?

I cannot imagine what goes on in the heads of people that do this.
I saw a woman driving out of the parking lot at the grocery store after work...
her daughter in the back seat, seat belt on... looked like a 9 year old kid?
All the windows up ... except the little crack on the drivers side.
And mom is trying to flick her ash out the crack...

It took an actual effort to not get in her way, get out of my car and yell at her... call her names... n' stuff.

It's bad enough that you a) smoke... but to each their own.  b) smoke in front of your kids... shame! monkey see monkey do man!
but to move all the way to c) force your child to smoke with you... well that's just fucking sick.

* and no, seriously, this has nothing to do with quitting smoking.