October 4th, 2004


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sudden... totally unexpected and absolutely ack!!! migraine.
Imitrix taken, and bed is next.

I enjoyed Desperate Housewives...
the gown and the lawn mower... hahahaha...


Monday, October 4.

Hiya... :)
(back to psycho morning face... ug. :D)

Holy crap!!!! It was totally frozen freezing froid bazzing burrrrr this morning... the car wasn't even soaked in dew... it was too friggen cold for dew!

This morning was one of those "smooth like clock work" kinda morning... A tad bit cool when we all woke up (after several snooze buttons and the whole gang cuddling up on our giant bed). But breakfasts went off without any arguments, and they actually ate some good food! :D

I have to say... that show... "Desperate Housewives" hahahaa... I'm still laughing about parts of it... That actress that plays the Paula Plastic, Home and Garden Explosion character... she played the horribly psycho chick on Melrose place forever ago. Her husbands speech to her when he asked for divorce... was fucking priceless. hahaha...

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~ black stripee ftls
~ dk gray dress pants... the ones with the cuff...
~ the screaming white shirt again.
~ my mickey mouse tie... "my mickie" and you have look hard to find the mickey... !
~ cream sweater.
~ read... all about switches... network geek stuff...
~ play with my new phone like it was christmas morning...
~ maybe get to that Fedora stuff I was totally NOT able to get to last night... :(
~ start working on a speech to deliver at a roast for my best friends 40'th birthday...
~ to really think about the notion that "best friend" just came out when I was typing that last line... interesting.
~ that this non-smoking thing didn't suck so badly... fuck.
~ for my long long time lj friend ratonil to find his way out of the fog...
~ to wave to and make faces at cherripop212... the girl that runs that computer repair company... :)
~ to send a few friendly vibes over to my friend imprincessapril... just 'cause.
~ that my friend teq heals up right quick... you gotta dance at big Cotillion next month... (ar ar ar).
~ that little sugar-v ... sugarvaulter... enjoys her new toy. :)

The radio was telling me about news of the world today and they said this strange thing...
I have no idea what the context was, because, frankly, I was too caught up in the "strange thing" to pay attention to the rest of the story...
"The Islamic world does not recognize the Hindu religion...."
What exactly the fuck does that mean?
How does a culture... a religion... not recognize another religion?
Oh wait... did their god say hate was bad... except in this case?
I mean... no really... do you know any Hindis? These are a very seriously interesting people with a rich and curious culture. There is more beauty in a Hindi ceremony for anything than you will find in a lifetime of Christian services, let alone Islam... so what the hell is up with the "I don't recognize you" crap? Does Islam recognize Christianity? How about judaism ? Maybe the Hindi are happy about this... I dunno but I suspect they kinda think this is as bogus as I do.
A beautiful and amazingly brilliant young woman used to work with me... she was Hindi. She grew up in Kuwait... she was in love with this young man here in town... they were together for ages... he was Islamic. They ended up having to blow it... because their parents simply would not put up with that shit. She's since been married to another man... I believe he was Hindi.
What a load!

Hate is our biggest enemy.
It carries on from father to son,
from cleric to the faithful,
from teacher to student.
It consumes everything
and produces nothing.
It makes fools of us all,
and all of use are fooled by it's lies.
When you let go of hate
you take a step on the road
to rebuilding the universe.

That is a path worth walking.

see ya later muchachos y muchachas...
I hope you're warm and happy wherever you are. :)
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