October 2nd, 2004


(no subject)

okidoki... i'm done.

Long week... long day and long evening.
Soon I will sleep like the dead...
My head will touch the pillow,
And I will be asleep within seconds.

Then tomorrow will dawn and the boys...
who are almost impossible to wake on school mornings
will be standing, dressed, beside my bed at some ungodly hour.
I will stagger downstairs and make muffins.
Carrot I suspect... and when they are out of the oven,
I will find my way back to bed for another hour.
It will most likely be about 9:00 by this time...

And then the day will begin in earnest.
We have a play zone thing to take the boys to,
and Geo is going to a friends house in the afternoon,
and I will be taking my BIL's computer back to his place.
Suz will be shopping for clothes to wear to work...
and we'll all meet at home later to have... ??? I'm thinking pizza.

However it works... it's a computer free saturday (CFS)
just like all the Saturdays, so I'll see you on Sunday morning.


ni ni