October 1st, 2004


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so, as I have said many times before...
I should not be allowed to do the tv show recordings.

I missed the first half of tonights survivor! bah!!!
~ and watching the second half tells me rather clearly that the first half was prol'y fun!

So I'm hoping to dn'ld it from alt.tv.binaries or something as soon as it's posted...
(crosses fingers that it's gonna get posted!)

~ loooooking goood! :D

I have to say that I had a couple of really good laughs at Joey tonight.  I dislike Drea's part... or maybe it's just her... but whatever. :)


Any clue's out there about what to expect from SP2 on XP? 
I'm putting it in my BILs computer as I type...


alrighty... sleep time. :D

ni ni

Friday, October 1!!!!!

Mr. Scrunchy-face says "Hi!!"
bwahahaha... It makes it look like my earing weighs a frigg'en tonne... :) hahaha...

[ :: a smiling pic, because ... well, just because...:: ]

It's frigg'en cold out this morning!!! Yikes... (and brrrrr)
The fog was as thick as sea poop and now I'm locked in my little office cubicle for the day. gah!
Smoking, it can be argued, gets you the hell out of your cube a few times a day...
Alas... earwax. I'll sit here and read and write like mad.

Hey!!! Last night... man... you gotta know I was hard core impressed with my friend mage67. Seek this guy out if you missed Survivor or The Apprentice... Thanks to him, we were able to watch the missing 25 minutes before we went to bed... :D :D (dances all over the place)

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: and yes... it's friday and I'm a git... :: ]
~ a nice gray b.u.m. equip shirt
~ and a nice warm black sweater... red stripe.
~ The new gig is all about r&w and I've gotta have a table of contents for the report done by tuesday, so I'm read'en and write'en.
~ write some birthdays into the October Birthday post...
~ write about Survivor from last night... :D :D :D :D
~ AND... tonight, right after work, Z and I are going to quicky dinner and to the movies to see "The Forgotten". WEEEEE! :D
~ that really bad mojo crap does not happen around Mt. St. Helens... which, btw, is the exact name I have been giving to pimples for ... well... years.
~ to just point out ... that weatherblonde is really a great journal add... she's a peach. :D
~ big big CONGRATULATIONS out to rose_maiden on the birth of her newest grandson... wee little Alexander. :D

I'm going to upgrade my cell phone... DOES ANYONE USE A MOTOROLA C341??? Hows it work'en?


So about last night... I thought there was going to be a presidential debate????? Like with the guy trying to unseat the prez arguing with the actual prez... But I didn't see Cheney anywhere...
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Survivor 9 Update!!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

Double Dipping!

Wherein... we get to watch chicks brawl, everybody play with Jeff’s bondage gear, and one of the boys goes to camp with the girls. There was this time... at band camp... Jeff tosses a boy and a girl off the island tonight and both of them thought they were safe!!

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::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::

~ now that's a contented smile. :D

I spent half the day battling terrible sleepy moments... actually woke up to three pages of the letter L on my screen...

However... I'm all cafinated up and ready for action...
And the action?

Getting outta here and zooooooming home to an early date night with my sugar.
See ya... and I'll tell ya how I liked The Forgotten.

~ dances outside....

Dearest Catherine... I know you're too busy for this... but please accept my very deepest sympathy. I know of what Allen must be feeling... been there... and I can well imagine how you're feeling. The world will get fair again... I promise.
Love and then lots more love...

oh... listen;

Change is scary stuff, I understand.
But remember... it's only scary when it's in front of you.
When it's behind you... you feel pretty cool about it.
So get going... get past it.
You can....

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The Forgotten

Review: several great characters, julianna played her role
exceptionally well and the plot slash concept was
a lot of fun.  4 out of 5 for me, but I'm an easy grader. 
We both really enjoyed the movie...
It made us jump with the scare moments and go "wow"
with the far-fucking-out moments.  Fun.

No spoilers from me... but it's definitely a "spoil-able" movie. 

We went to the 5:40 showing... totally a babysitter crowd
of 20 people in a big theater.  Lots of seats and lots of
space around good seats. :D
You could tell this group was on the "so glad to have this
chance out and away from the kids" plan... ya know? 
We had dead-center seats... my favs.

Just as the last preview ends... in comes four kids.
Two girls... two boys.  Just kids enjoying themselves.
The sit in the front row for about 2 minutes...
making some interesting noises.
Then they move. second row ahead ... directly in front of us,
and they're, you know...
playing extra long with that plastic candy wrapper and
breaking into peals of laughter because of it....

~ or talking ... loudly, to the characters in the movie
when there's a lull in the sound track.

At first it was not so bad,
but like so many things,
left alone... it just gets worse.

It was buggen me, but more importantly I could
sense it getting to suz and the peeps behind me
were muttering... Shit!
It was gonna get all out of hand.

So... I sneak away to the aisle and go to their row
and shuffle along till I'm absolutely at them,
all crouched down, and very quietly say;
"Hi guys... listen...
This is the first time my wife and I have been out on a
friday evening in three months.
You're noise is absolutely ruining this movie for us. 
So.... shut... the.... fuck... up.... right... fucking... now...
or I will drag each of you from the theater by your hair...
I promise."

Honestly, I feel guilty for not having a more cerebral
way of getting their attention and compliance,  but ...
the movie was ticking away behind me...
I'm such a prick. :)