September 30th, 2004


Thursday, September 30

dum di dum... There is nicorette gum stuck to everything in my world. On my work keyboard... inside the book case beside my desk... on my monitor at home... the window sill at the kitchen sink... on my dash board... ahhhhhh... chew chew park. chew chew park.... hahahahaha... Soon... Soon I will be at the end of this stage and hopefully into some kind of maintenance that wont drive me bonkers!! :D

It was all foggy and groovy on the way to work... I love fog... although I'm sure it's a killer and all kinds of bad things... it's still eerie and fun.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ very nice, very white T
~ dk blue short sleeve button up shirt... it's the white shirt / blue shirt coolio thing... :)
~ to finish this... call a couple of people re my current gig and then head to the clients office...
~ tour around a network control center and take a shit load of notes about the switches... (re: current project)
~ back here to finish the amendments to the "backup project" document
~ home to enjoy a Survivor Night!!!
~ that my hopes for tomorrow night come true... the plan is all about baby sitting right after school and meeting Z for dinner and a movie (we want to see "The Forgotten"!!!!)
~ that my buddy, aristophren feels... um... well, better this morning...:D
~ that shann... enjoys herself... haha... ahhh I kill me... ;)
~ like mad... for some small miracle to find it's way into Kimberly and Kieths world... my thoughts are with you guys kimberly27616!!!!
~ to suggest that there are some truly remarkable people on my friends list... this was made abundantly clear to me this morning.
~ and several quiet little hopeful wishes for my friend knightsdawn...

Radio talked about "assisted suicide" laws and euthanasia and stuff...
had me thinking... a single overriding thought.

You can take a lot away from a person.
You can restrict them...
Make rules to control them, constrain them,
Keep 'em down, and hold them against their will.
However... if we're talking about an adult,
You can't take away their ownership of themselves.
Make all the laws you want.
When a person well and truly decides to end their life...
They will do it.
And "the man" can go fuck himself.

That remains true... despite the attitude of religion, or crusaders that want to make us feel guilty...
You can say what you want... think what you want... what... ever....
in the end, you simply cannot take that away.

We are each of us... our own selves.
There are reasons... issues and attitudes.
They may all be meritorious in their own way...
But when push comes to shove...
Life remains personal.

Ok... time to fly away.
ps. I want to live to be 110 years old... just in case yer worried. :D
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I'm eating away a headache...
Sometimes I get a headache when I don't eat properly...
No real breakfast to speak of today, so...

Lunch, however, is;
humas a a pita bread
a bowl of last nights dinner, very spicy chicken and rice...
a yogurt
a hunk of cheese and some ritz
and then it's into the trail mix.

Note: Trail mix... liberally consumed... over several days... does very strange things to your digestive system.


I read a very interesting and well presented post on a Bushy-Iraq thing today...
and I want to share it with you... It's a public post, so I'm just going to link it!

[ :: yeah! what he said... :: ]

(and that would be weswilson gett'en all cerebral on ya...)

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::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::

ja... so zee vanity runs thick in this one ...

whatever... :D

It's been a looooooooong day.
Headache seems to have been beaten down...
Work is work... there's more to do than can get done in a day!

and I'm looking forward to being at home... and watching survivor tonight!!!

The moon has been a harsh mistress for many of late... but it is her time... as it is there's.
I hope your suffering wanes soon, and you hurry up the stairs to that place you get to...
When one river dries up... another begins to flow and it's time to say go baby go.
There will always be places to go... and times to come.

cryptic eh... well it makes perfect sense to me so ... chomp chomp chomp...

and yeah... this is just an excuse to use another icon. :)