September 29th, 2004


Wednesday, September 29

~ geez... look'en a little evil today... :D hahaha...

Dude... September 29??? yikes... it's just blasting by... :D

It's balls-out-abso-crazy-beautiful outside today... People all over Florida want to be HERE!!!! (which, of course, is a very weird and almost pathetic kind of irony).

~ blue ftls
~ spiffy dark pants... kinda got this cargo thing with the pockets ... I "found" them this morning cruising my closet. Obviously I had forgotten them when the weather got warm. :D
~ a gray tshirt solving the problem of my maroon dress shirt being all picky with these weird little 'knobules' of fabric all over the inside... (wow, did that make sense?)
~ another freaken tie...
~ lawyers office... first thing... sign a zillion copies of things... sorting out a mortgage move and will stuff...
~ morning at my office... afternoon at client site... hence the tie...
~ tonight? Does that new show "LOST" premier tonight? I want to give it a shot... it's got potential... of course, anything can suck... so we'll see.
~ some good luck beans out to canuckgirl on the interview tomorrow!!!
~ to send a moment of "go you" out to elliriel !!
~ to congratulate cockermom... as I add her to Team Time Bomb!! (and continue to abstain from calling her sugar-cock).
~ that things turn around for my friend travellingstar...
~ to just remind fireflieslie... that you rock sugar. :D

So ... how much fun must it be to make television commercials for big drug companies??
You know what I'm talking about? those prozac nation commercials or birth control city stuff...
They show you Jane swinging in a tire swing with her kid on some oklahoma farm, and then she's walking through glass doors in a board room... very happy, calm, collected and not pregnant... while voice over dude tells you that Jane may suffer severe cramping, nausea, hair loss, speech impediments, her pee may turn purple and a third eye may grow out of her left tit... I cannot imagine how many takes they must have to go through to get the voice over guys bit done. lol!!!
Big Drug Co. America.... picking up evolution where Darwin and God left off...

oh and I'm seeing pictures in the paper, television and words on the radio talk about Haiti and the devastation that the storms have caused there... and I suppose I'm being super naive but how advanced is (was) the infrastructure there in the first place??? It's like the entire place was built by the first two little pigs... and now? well... I'm just say'en, it'd be nice if they could find the house made of bricks any time now. That island nation is almost a canvas wiped clean by mother natures angry little nephew. Now if the locals can just stop attacking the food aid agencies, the red cross, the doctors and the construction volunteers... maybe then can go find a few million wheelbarrows full of straw and start rebuilding their paradise. Oh yeah... wait... this is Haiti... weren't they busy shooting each other a little while ago and yelling in french about how shitty things have been since the last inspired, freedom fighting, guerrilla came down out of the hills and became the hated dictator? Quick... put a dollar in the Help Haiti Rebuild kettle. Don't worry... the guys with the guns in the hills... wont steal all the food... construction equipment... heck, the government will get half. Besides... the people in Florida can dangle by their chads while we rebuild Haiti...

was that unfeeling?
Maybe I just like florida more than haiti...
Is that a crime?
Last time I checked... there were far fewer guerrillas with guns in Florida... although I didn't go to Miami.

Ok... time to go be a worker bee... see ya. :D
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