September 26th, 2004


Sunday, September 26

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday... The sky cannot be bluer and the air cannot be more perfect... You want to be here!
I just woke Edward up and he's in my arms en route to downstairs... He does not want to be awake.

Suz was up early today and out with her sis and mom on a Heart and Stroke Foundation walk-a-thon. 
The boys and I got up close to 9:00... played a bit... 
And then it was homework.
Sheesh... they start fighten, arguing, crying, and carrying on about nothing the minute homework starts...
So separate rooms solves that problem and ta-da... an hour later... they're all done and moving on with a Sunday. :D

We had a great day yesterday... but lil'Z was still (is still) dealing with the consuming cold bug...
I took the boys on a grocery adventure... hitting the amazatron bulk food store... and Farm Boy for fruit... and starbucks for coffee... :D
We had my nephew over for the evening... and we had a fab dinner...

Note: Cook it on a stick... and your child will eat it.  :D

Yesterday was also very much about doing a bunch of "out with the old" cleaning. I trashed the three large file cabinate drawers I had stuffed with old geek stuff... I actually THREW AWAY two dozen ISA cards, and a huge garbage can worth of old manuals, cables, dead components, etc...  It was very liberating... :)  I'm attacking a shelf of old Geek Course books from ... like a dozen years ago... old "Client Server Professional" training binders and crap like that from back in the old days when employers actually paid for training... (small angsty moment there).

~ blue ftls
~ pj pants
~ a old white t... 3WV in fact... :)
~ a lovely day!!
~ more "out with the old" today...
~ oh and TKD at 3:00... :)
~ tonight? Hidalgo... I think... although I'd love LOVE to go to "the forgotten".
~ to extend a warm hand to the sad news in hotblue's world. 
~ to thank nebil for sharing...
~ to remind bratt72 that she's a treat and a half...
~ to point out that I'm not scrolling back...

I really have to get out of the mode of trying to scroll back through all of saturday... :D 
You all just talk way way too much. :D
Did I miss anything earthshattering? hmmm???

Driving home from work on Friday night... I had this odd moment.
I know in my head as I contemplate explaining this that it's going to sound very strange....
So, I'm doing ok with this non-smoking thing, but I'm kind of intense.
I'm still at the "get angry" or "start laughing" stage... you know... strong emotions...
Wait: you know the posture of a squirrel?
When it's sitting on it's back lets, front lets kinda half up and it's stretching it's neck up to look at something?
Can you imagine that? Ok....
So I'm on the last bit of my journey home from work, driving on the road that has massive shopping center on one side and deep forest on the other...
I'm one of an absolutely endless line of vehicles that have left the highway, and use this road to get to the adjacent neighborhood.
There on the sidewalk is this squirrel... perched as I explained...
It looked ... kinda young as far as black squirrels go...
There on the road... was a squirrel... recently killed...
The one of the sidewalk was looking at it... like it was hoping the dead one would get up and come back.
As I took this in I quite suddenly burst into tears.
I mean... the radio had just presented the 5:30 news... death and destruction abound in the world.
But it's a squirrel that gets to me.
... anyways it passed and road kill is road kill and lifes a bitch, etc etc etc...
I blame not smoking, btw, not the normally insane degree of emotionalism that I face the world with... because I don't often let that out for vermin. :D

Ok... I need to go make fresh coffee... and eat some fruit.
Talk to you soon. :D

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~ we bought a scale recently... tap here and wait for 00.0 and then step on
I noticed it was reporting weight about 6 lbs under what it should be...
and I tried to imagine the various conversations about taking it back.
All of them came off poorly so I'm just going to ignore it. :)

~ finally finished burning Fedora install disks. I think I'll start with an install on a test server..

~ kids must get to bed... so I can watch the last half of hidalgo!  ah well... there's bath and story time still in offing.

~ I really need some kind of a big fancy dessert... but, alas (earwax)... I didn't manage to bake anything this weekend!! grrrr...