September 24th, 2004


Friday, September 24


hahaha... I'm in a pretty chipper mood today. Going to bed at midnight kinda helped.
Now... all that really happened was I passed out snuggl'en suz when she went to bed early ...
she's battling the cold thing big... poor lil'sugar, and in the middle of typing an email... I get up to bring her a juice and zzzzzzonk. gone. :D

Got up with the alarm... and actually stayed up!! :D There must have been a blue moon last night.
I did the whole deal ... kids, food, lunches and pj pants at the buss stop...
and then after some sick girl smoochen... here I am. At work.

First thing I hear? Coworker dude says (and I quote!!) "Duck was a neutral party, so he brought the ultimatum to the cows"!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude... I've been outted... now there will be much mirth and joking to make fun of all the stupid things I say here... :D

~ blue ftls
~ cream p-z kinda cargos... [ :: kinda cargo... kinda khaki... very comfy :: ]
~ really nice gray t
~ dk gray button up shirt... 'cept it's got this hem that says "don't tuck me in..." (somebody once told me what that's called... but I forget?)
~ all back up project... all day... um... until the boss tells me to change something else on the web site...
~ write about Survivor at lunch... :)
~ see a man about a horse...
~ totally enjoy myself tonight!!!
~ I could go to the drug store and buy the nicotine patches they recommend to 6 pack-a-day truck drivers and cover my chest with them...
~ that bitchcakes_xo... finds the strength to just let the world turn a bit... things will settle down sugar! they will....
~ big excited congratulations out to celtic_bairn... she's getting married tomorrow!!! GO AND WISH HER WELL.... it will take, what? 10 seconds!!! go for it... :D :D :D She's a fantastic photographer and I hope that tomorrow is the beginning of a wonderful future!!!
~ to send some "go you" type vibes out to a very special friend... hotblue... just because.
~ and a bit of good mojo out to mentalconundrum... because she's absolutely ... real. and I like that.

You know... in several years someone is going to say "we had to get him to start smoking because he's addicted to the gum..."

Can someone explain to me why California is called "The Sovereign State of California" and what that actually means? How is it diff than any other state in the union?

This comes to mind as a result of listening to some fuck from another Quebec political party blather on about separatism, autonomy, sovereignty and "decentralizing" canada. You know... all the people that piss and moan about how a federal government acts and complains about how they are getting rooked by whatever party is in power... I wonder... how many people on your city council can you name? how about the local school board? Can you name your trustees? Do you realize that a) nobody actually gives a flying fuck what you think about Canada's position on "the Sudan", let alone my opinion on Iraq and that b) your local government has a bigger direct impact on your day to day life, and the lives of your children etc etc. etc... than provincial, state, or federal, national governments ever will? Did you vote in your municipal elections last year?
Arrrrg... Quebec is basically a never ending source of frustration... It's a good thing Quebec makes hot chicks... or they'd be totally good for nothing.
(wife... from Quebec...) :D

Ok... find a chance to say "Right fucking on!!" at least once today... :D
See ya.
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