September 21st, 2004


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well now... see what happens when you don't pay attention?
The people who make the o/s on your server up and release entirely new systems... gah!!!

Looks like I'll be doing a little server maintenance to put "Fedora" in.
Projected downtime for 4 hours to several hundred thousand years.

Let's see... three six hundred meg iso's... a two hundred and a one hundred...
that's a lot of downloading!!

ok... anyways... this geeky moment is passing...


Tuesday, September 21... Fall is falling...

~ this is seconds after the both of us were making terrifying goofy faces... but we always crack up before we safe a good one. :D

My little dude is still hanging at the home zone today... Well, actually, he's prol'y over at my moms by now because Z is off to some lawyers office to deal with more mortgage stuff.
Hi Meave...
It's all sunny and beautiful outside... I slept like the dead and awoke to an alarm clock that had been SCREAMING at us... ALL FOUR OF US... for over 20 minutes. It's not like we sleepily push snooze over and over... I MOVED the alarm clock to the top of a bureau across the room... I turned it up loud!! Radio to go off at 7:15... and then that nasty nasty nasty buzzer noise at 7:30... and that noise just goes until you stop it. I stopped it at 7:48. It's like we're programming our kids to be able to sleep through noisy neighbours. :D

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers... kinda becoming my "fat day" pants... although not quite on the level of the santana jeans...
~ white t with a long sleeve dk blue button up shirt... and no frick'en tie!!
~ backup project madness... I get to type "Hierarchical Storage Management" and "in-band virtualization" and make like these weren't just terms made up by guys selling stuff...
~ put the squeeze on a computer store that is hosing my BIL...
~ eat... Suz made banana bread yesterday... B-Bread is always best after it's set-fer-a-spell... :D
~ it's AMAZING RACE and BIG BROTHER finale night... dum di dum...
~ I haven't been driving you mad ... mad mad mad... with all these tv show posts... hahaha...
~ I know she's travelling around spain and all that... but I'm still sending good vibes out to meres ...even though she wont see 'em. :D
~ to send some healing vibes out to ladyfire
~ and send some quite little moments of wow over to icicle... just because... :D
~ I wish there was a way to not end up making some of my friends not feel like I leave them out of the wish zone...

// How about an obscure little rant? Hmm???
So Milky and the Mary... rivers that carry the beginning and the end of a farming season to southern Albertans and Northern Montanna. "We just want Canada to be good canadians and give us some more water..." Holy mother of god people... I mean... I am totally all for feeling bad when the little guy gets his ass stomped on... but let me tell ya...
~ after Alberta spends millions and millions of dollars on infrastructure to ensure our share of the water is not wasted and Montanna can't be bothered... don't come cry'en to us and ask for more water... Stop wasting the water you are already getting...
~ "be good canadians"... what the fuck does that mean... "be good supplicating lap dogs"???
~ DO NOT lecture Canada about how we handle trade disputes over resources... not on the heals of fucking out cattle industry to say nothing of softwood lumber. The United States of America goes to seemingly endless lengths to put the screws to Canada in trade issues... and, personally, I think they should be ashamed. We are the best fucking neighbours on the planet... and it's about frick'en time you started acknowledging that.
// wow... that was fun. :D

So I'm just wondering... do a lot of Americans still think it's a good idea to have battalions of troops in Iraq?
I'm curious... what do you "hope" will be the outcome of occupying that country?

Hey... is it true? Did Bush ask Cheney to move into his White House "oval" office?

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going to Giant Tiger (discount Moo Moo store) and buying more chocolate than even I can consume in a single day... cost's less than a pack of smokes.

however... that's useless information... and I still want a smoke.

and no... I'm not... but I did just get back from Giant Tiger. :)

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hella long day...

ug. One track mind all day... and for once... it wasn't about rolling in a large vat of pitted over-ripe peaches with charleze theron when she's high on ecstacy... er... wait... am I talking out loud?



no seriously... all day... one goal... and I'm only half way through. This will definately take all of tomorrow!!!

However... it's time to get my butt home... stop at Market Fresh and get some rainbow trout and a few veggies and make a feast to celebrate the day. :D

Remember: Set yer vcrs... it's BB and TAR finale night. :D

oh... and kids... when you get married... don't give everyone in the wedding party velour track suits... it's a short road to making your wedding look like a bunko raid on a brothel.

later sk8ers... :)