September 20th, 2004



yes... well today is totally finished.

Everything went great today...
... except,... well, my thighs are screaming at me everytime I try to move but that has something to do with being a sloth over the summer.
TKD was all about stretching things till you wanted to cry. :)
Suz, Geo and I are all in the same class... (fun!!)
Edward wanted to sit out this season so we're letting him colour and stuff at the side.

Dinner was fabulous and the cake came off grrrrreat! It was polished off right quick...

The evening rounded off with kiddie stuff... email...
snacks and stories with the boys and then some Emmy watching. :D

Now it's late... I'm going to talk to the admiral for a second... play 30 minutes of and then pass out.

See you tomorrow. :D

(I hope you had a nice weekend... I completely enjoyed mine.)

Monday, September 20

My little georgie is all about having a cold. I could see it coming on the weekend but when his energy is still there... he does a fine job of hiding the looming sore throat, runny nose, cough, etc. He went to bed last night sniffling and woke well, no he didn't really wake up... he became "less asleep" and had every poor health sign there is... So he's home with Z today. Edward, struggled to wakefulness and I made him "curly noodles" (pasta for breakfast... it's what all the great princes are eating these days) and made myself coffee...

Monday mornings are kinda "thick and squeaky" in our house... and by the time we hit our stride and slide through the morning routine... it's Friday, so we screw it all up on Sat and Sun only to squeak through another Monday.

It's brrrrrr... cold and gray today. I'll be stuck in my cube all day so I guess I don't really care about the weather.

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk gray ... kind of a hint of blue dress pants...
~ screaming white dress shirt..
~ my mickey tie (looks quite nice... but there be a mouse hiding in there...)
~ cream sweater... because a) I'm f-f-f-f-f-f-f-freezing and b) I didn't iron this screaming white shirt...
~ total zombie day with the backup project... reading and writing
~ tonight? nothing special... although eating sounds like a good plan...
~ You know... you'd think they would separate BB and TAR finales to different nights... alas... both end tomorrow.
~ It's day 9 in the no smoking thing... it's no official "biggie" till I make it a year but man... talk about frustrating...
~ sending a quick squeeze out to carefreespirit ... just because....
~ and some good vibes over to dpaul007 because ... life is a highway.
~ that my long time friend dawna... gets exactly what she needs... :D

You know...
I often read laments in other peoples journals about the dove like nature of the journal community... and that we're all "a bunch of Liberals" or "a bunch of democrats" or "a bunch of ... " something else... And I suppose that's true from the perspective of someone that has set up a friends list or "reading list" of like minds and aligned attitudes.
In stark contrast... I want to sing about the virtues of my reading list.
I have some serious republican and some very conservative people on my friends list...
off-setting the de reguier liberal thought that coats my journal experience.

It's quite a wide range of perspectives and attitudes and it's absolutely wonderful that you guys feel good about having arguments or discussions in my journal. I will never complain about it... I promise.
I feel bad about the people that represent the extremes of these paradigms ... that run away the minute they feel argued with.
But that's a fuck it situation... out with the old and in with the new.
I am really very pleased to have such friends as you ...
especially when you are open and honest about your "issue attitudes".
Nothing bad ever came from fully exploring an issue... even if you have to wander out of your comfort zone.

Just thought I'd say that... :D

Ok... time to go work. See ya.
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