September 19th, 2004


Sunday, September 19

~ caught mid yawn... and that's exactly how I feel!


... er... or something... 

Yesterday... kicked my ass.
The weather started just perfect... but it got damn cold in the late afternoon and golf took all freaking day.  It was fun, but I suck... I get some amazing shots out... but they are speckles on a wall of terrible shots.  I did get to drive the cart... and I did make my golf partner... this senior project officer, sales guy... scream like a little girl a few times when I decided to test the engineering limitations of our golf cart. (insert meniacle laughter here!). 
I managed to get through a day of golf without a smoke... I amaze even me sometimes... :) haha...

Last night was all about baking a cake, cleaning things, and finding my way to bed... I know we watched some tv but I cannot for the life of me remember what we watched?? I was soooo freaking tired... I was a walking dead type guy... moaning and shuffling. :D

~ pj pants
~ big warm gap hoodie
~ looooong day ahead...
~ already vacuumed and washed the first floor...
~ fed kids and got Kumon started...
~ now?
~ shower, dress and make a big black forest cake... I baked the cake parts last night... :)
~ get over to my MIL's house to get some geek stuff from her...
~ taekwando at 3:00 and dinner at my bro's house for his birthday (hence, the cake).
~ work on BIL's computer at some point.
~ I could wave a wand and make my darling z's back problems go away...
~ you could see how amazed I am at the way Edward is grabbing the reading thing... the kumon is really a good idea for him.
~ to send some good vibes and wee hopeful thoughts out to sugarvaulter...
~ that flirtini get's her new name... and recovers from her recent vegas adventure...
~ and that I had time to read back till yesterday... :D :D :D
~ no really... I'm trying ... but I can't keep up. :(  There's just too many things pulling on my time. ug! :D

It's sunny and cool out today...
I am sooo going to make this a great cake... I'll snap a picuter later. :D
Making cakes... desserts, etc... is like a kind of mental therapy for me.

and believe me... I need mental therapy.

dum di dum

Just say'en...

edit: ~ looks at cake... it looks kinda lopsided in the picture... :D actually, the decoration is, in fact, lopsided.
the hand

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busy day.

just back from TKD
and now we have to change
and zoom to my bro's.

You know that "resting on the seventh day" thing...
what do you have to do to get in that club?