September 17th, 2004


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Holla... it's friday... finally!!! Seems like it's been a loooong week. It's nothing but sunshine out there... and the forecast calls for more of the same... which is a good thing... I'm going on a "company golf tourney" tomorrow. I'll wear my new hat. :D

edit:... my new hat... It was a gift from bratt72 and I loooove the hat. :D new ball cap... makes me wary wary happy!! :D

I really enjoyed Survivor last night... but that doesn't say much... The first show is really just a lot of posture and pose'en. :D

Would it be ok if I just had one quick smoke? I wont finish it... I promise... er... no? yeah... no, I know.. you're right... ok ok ok FINE...
sheesh. I was just ask'en. :) Where's my gum...
Actually there are only two really bad parts of the day... right after my morning post... and right after dinner. I suffer in the morning, and by 7:00 I'm kinda keyed up like mad... but it's ok... I just beat the kids for a bit and break stuff. It's all good.

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: my blue jeans were in the wash... waaaaaaa! :: ]
~ strong bad shirt...
~ black sweater... red stripe.
~ client project... must get a TOC done today...
~ internal project ... doc review stuff...
~ write about Survivor ... :D
~ have a great friday night... !!
~ to send some good vibes to sleep_walker a sweet girl... so very far away...
~ that dear indigojo's arms... hurt less today... :D
~ some good luck at the j-interview today for _sickchick
~ to send big baskets of "Thank You" to Sarah... I'm loving this new Fat Boy Slim!!! :D :D :D
~ for today... the last day of Kympossible Diva Live on 3WV ... is a good day... despite... well, you know... it being a last day an all... You will always rock!

Can you totally dig how the Feds (canada) can cry about life in the poor house... pour crap into the eves that flow to the provinces, and on down to the cities because the government is totally broke... blow zillions of dollars on investigations into financial mismanagement of a hundred million, cut back military spending, keep school teachers teaching gi-normous class rooms full of kids, squeeze out special needs education, reduce services at the turn of every corner... yet manage to pull eighteen billion dollars (that's a 1, an 8, and then NINE zeros... $18,000,000,000) out of their ass so the PM can look like less of a pin head?
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Survivor IX Update!!!

Survivor IX : Vanuatu

Snub The Chicks Night

Wherein... we get to kick off the next season of "Americans torturing Americans". How fun is that... no wonder there’s a huge international audience. It’s all about the big scary Vanuatu active volcanos and the head hunter crazy guys that Burnet and Co. pressed into service from the local village to wear grass skirts and look mean with spears. With only a few players representing the extremes of being human and a majority of pretty-people with big tits, white teeth and tight skin... well, let me just say I’m hoping there’s plenty of torture this year.

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