September 15th, 2004


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~ That Dairy Queen commercial... for the "flame thrower" burger...
The guys little flame accompanied yell after saying sorry...
bwwahahaha ... :D

~ tv delivered on it's promise to entertain...
fortunately... it does that every now and again. :D

~ hockey... go ahead... save me the traffic jams as I drive home from work... no really ... go ahead.
And while yer out... by yerselves a rattle and a little knitted hat.

~ oh pleeeease be ok ... my friends in the path of IVAN the Big Blow!! (no... not you Iv@n... ~ snicker).

~ our prime minister really put his shoes deeply down his throat when he promised (during the election) to have a health care summit with the head boys, let alone promised to make it live on tv... suckka.

~ it's bed time...

see ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 15's hockey day in Canada... the day the music died? bwahahahahaha... suffffa sucka... take your gold plated lifestyles... your over the moon salaries built by the same tools that have only just realize they have spent themselves into a corner. Owners... players... you can all go fuck yourselves and suffer. Canada doesn't need the NHL to have hockey. Hockey is much much much more than the NHL. It's more than a bunch of toothless, rich, abusive, imported jar heads or a room full of stuffed suits that spend their lives trying to out tax break one another.

Hockey is a new Canadian Tire shovel you take out to a local or backyard rink, while a gaggle of kids cheer you on... Hockey is a first date that goes just right... Hockey is a sense of national pride, and the ability of a kid to play an entire season at school without scoring a goal who thinks she had a great time and can't wait for next year.

This is me...laughing all the way home in my car without pathetic traffic jams heading to the corel center*. Yeah... I can take a break from that... while the NHL takes a break from having a brain. You guys may be a league but we're the fans and like it or not... we are you biggest asset.

Oh, and the leafs blow... :)

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers... the spill proof, wrinkle proof sort... :D
~ very nice white shirt and a blue b.u.m. button up over it...
~ client gig today ... the backup project...
~ sort out a mortgage issue today... it's renewal day...
~ write about TAR and BB from last night.
~ stay away from the smokes... it's day four in the land of nod and I'm a little antsy... grrrrr
~ for bramey end game to play exactly as it should... you rock sugar-bronze.
~ that the next few weeks ... really paint up a great picture for the next few years in the life and times of nbbmom
~ to just say that my friend dinkydo is ... much on my mind. I hope things are good sugar.

This may be a bit corny... but cruising my friends pages over the last 24 hours has brought me stories of friends fearing for their own safety and, more often, the safety of loved ones, in the path of ivan ... (Captain Lovely), marriages that are holding on by delicate threads ... jobs and careers that are teetering on the balance of great challenges, jobs that remain illusive and dramatic trials with the greatest gift (children) that test the very depths of a parents ability to cope. Certainly there is an abundance of good vibes out there too... but my heart is being pulled by the challenges and I wish I could say or do something to be helpful to you guys.

We are all the same... you and I. Sure... some of us (stares at reflection in the mirror) are a bit on the nut-bar side of the line... but we face the same challenges despite vast differences in where we are and how we squeak by life's mile markers. We cry the same, we hurt the same and we will all die exactly the same. We also love the same... we play the same, we fuck the same (well... sorta...hahaha) we laugh... we hope... and there is a common bond between every last one of us that is made obvious in our shared capacity to experience joy.

(now the really sucky part...)
What ever is pulling you down... it is only a cold breath across your heart and there are warmer breaths somewhere close by.
There is never too much going on to stop the power of love and if it can hold even a small part of you up when you're down,
Let your heart know that I love you... and believe that we're friends because you deserve that friendship.

Ok... I'll stop...


*center: please take your "centre" and shove it...
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Big Brother 5 Update!!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Pinky... Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Where-in... Michael is possessed by ... someone with a brain, Nakomas has a rip roaring freak attack and the D&D show wend their way towards the last moments of this season. Julie, hoe’en it up in a see through top, drags us through tonight’s "special live show" and we are this close (imagine me pinching two fingers together) to the end!!

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gah... the days kind'a zooooooooooom by when I'm not smoking...
what's up with that?

any hoooo... I'm spent.
Time to get myself home. :D
see ya.

Amazing Race 5 Update!!!

Amazing Race 5 Update!!

Karma And The Shrew!

If there was any question before...  Christies behavior has most definitely cleared that up. She a rip roaring she-devil of the very worst sort.  Not only does she gloat with Cleopatra like vigor, she freaking instructs a cabbie to KILL PEOPLE... wretched beast!

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