September 13th, 2004



randomness... then bed. :)

~ I've put them down at least four times for
six months or more in the last five years...
...damn things.
Of course I don't talk about them in my journal.
They're vile. However, I'm motivated this time so we'll see.

~ have you seen that Ford advert "we're always thinking about the curve... so you'll think about buying a Ford"?
Dear Ford:
By an interesting coincidence, your current advert
brings into clear focus exactly why your automobiles
remain on my "not a chance in hell" list.
If you'd get your freaking face off the crystal ball for
a minute and look to the road you just travelled,
you'd see the remarkable ccccrap! you leave in
your wake. Like that rat shit 2000 windstar van!
"... think about buying a Ford" ?
Yeah... right.

~ we watched "Shaun Of The Dead" on my computer...
in the long history of yer basic zombie movie movies,
well... here's another one... but with enough pseudo Guy Ritchie cameras,
and Army of Darkness edges, to stand out.
And it's mightily silly.

~ in the history of the issues that make the "Cuba" thing a big drag for the US... what's the rainmaker? 
Is the US angry at Cuba over the CMC in the 60's?
Or (but surely not?) simply because they're pinko commi scum.
What is the embargo all about? Is it "no travelling, no trade"? or is it more? less?

~ ok.. night. Sleep tight.

Monday, September 13

Yeah... well, it's lovely outside... sunshine... a few clouds
and a bunch of other crap that should add up to a marvellous
type day projection.
Hence the perky smile and positive outlook that had me in
it's grip at picture time. Of course, that was only minutes
before I was running around my kitchen cursing loud enough
to wake the dead ... and saying things that would scare 'em all
back into their graves.
See I thought to my self... "self" I said, "a couple of those yummi
pop tarts, all warmed up, would go nice with my coffee in the car
on the way across town." Well the first two kinda got "over toasted"
... so I grabbed them out... and turned the stupid dial down from 5
(why the hell was it at 5???) to 2 and grab another pair of pop tarts...
pop 'em in and go snap the morning picture. So far so good...
When I came downstairs after the picture thing... the fucking
toaster is still hard at work... Absolutely jet black pop tarts with this
yellow goo that used to be the white frosting... Apparently the toaster
has decided that 2 is now the "make charcoal" setting. I looked at
the first two pop tarts and figured they were fine by comparison.
Yeah... well this is all well and good, but see... The boys had already
left for their bus and Suz had just left to take her car to the shop to
drop it off for a muffler thing... and I needed to go pick her up, bring
her home and then get my ass to work. I figure it's a perfect time to
hurry the fuck up and get the nuclear waste pop tarts from the KILN
to the garbage. This is precisely where the fun began. See... pop tarts
actually become small incendiary devices when prepared in exactly
this way. No sooner had I attempted to gingerly snag one out to get
it to the garbage... than I coated my hand in liquid sun, erupting
from the lava core of this little napalm pastry.
Being alone in the
house I took the opportunity explore the full range of my vocal octaves...
then - having left every brain cell I ever thought I had somewhere in an
ashtray - I tried to get the other one out. Mother of fucking god...
I had to spend the next five minutes running both hands under the cold water ...
and screaming my ass off.
I am the pleasure-bot of your dreams here...

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk gray dress pants, all cuffs and stuff...
~ screaming white dress shirt...
~ a tie... kill me now...
~ and a light sweater... kinda gray blue
~ sadly... a whole shit load of work on two different projects.
~ to fight the good fight... (feel'en it today... but it'll pass)
~ I had a freaking toaster, versus the punk KILN that I shoved my pop tarts into today
~ that cynica... a charter member of team-time-bomb... has nicer dreams....
~ for my sweet little friend mspish to find some really good sleep... it's out there sugar.
~ that all you "just got back from vegas" types... would hurry up and post more pictures... I'm living vicariously through all y'all...
~ that two really quite amazing women... teq and fallingforward have a fabulous day... :D :D
~ to send some good job hunting ju ju out to knightsdawn.

It's time to turn off the music and leave the headphones on... you know... so I can eavesdrop on my coworkers... :D

More coffee....

You know... when it really matters... like when I'm on the phone with my mechanic... fucked it I can remember what year my or suzannes car was made... "Oh it's a 99 maxima... no wait... maybe it's a 2001... wait... do you know?" gah... I hate that.

Oh and here's a thought.... maybe if we did away with official bilingualism or at the very least, separate school boards for french and english and stopped having separate school boards for people of different religions (which makes no fucking sense to me at all) we could actually afford a decent education system. But wait... an issue that means people have to talk about Bilingualism? Well we can't have that... that's a tabooooooo topic in Canada... you might as well say you support kiddi porn and the slave trade.

No really ... more coffee!

Time to find caffeine... sunshine and a few good vibes to get things back on track. :D
See ya. :)

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It happened again...

The older boys were talking hockey here in cube land... mere moments ago...
and I got to use another one...
Them: "but they're thinking of redrawing the slot..."
me: "yeah... well phil wouldn't mind... ol'Phill Esposito... the greatest slot man to stap on skates"
them: several nods... back to talking hockey strike...


what's a slot?

bwaahahahahahahaa... .
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an afternoon ... pretty much wasted... as I blow away the external web site with an errant front page click.
I really don't much like that front page thing... grrrrr....

but whatever... a day, a memory and a night soon to arrive.

Time to go rescue z's car from the mechanic...

See ya. :)

... and he told two frinds...

hmm... talk about yer "good cause"!

shiggity is looking for people to click through
her recent post [ :: here :: ], linking to vote at some
radio station and vote for her uncle... to get his teeth
done... you know... from "hic mouth" to "Ross on Friends"
(remember the black light thing...)

Any ways... click over there and go for it...
It'll take like 5 or 6 seconds.

Remember... vote "#7. Aaron_D"
(and try not to look at the other images... )

If you're enterprising... you could copy
this entry to your journal.

hmmm... imagine....