September 8th, 2004


Wednesday, September 8

~ aw crap... that picture looks like freakboy damien comm'en to get ya... :) hahahaha...

Havering: look at the song on my detect music... "I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you..." yeah... "havering". I actually heard dude from Proclaimers explaining what it meant... hahaha... what do you think it means...

~ black stripee ftls
~ gray ... well, kinda blue'ed gray dress pants (little cuff 'n stuff)
~ tommy dress shirt, and another fucking tie
~ p-z sweater with a yes, I am actually funky, why do you ask zipper on the arm...
~ bang zoom... off to client site in like 10 minutes...(types fast)
~ half day there... and then back here to rip a few new ora-fie in Oracle...
~ write about BB later... and AR even later... :D
~ I had a few minutes to review the ol'friends pages... but alas...

Let me just say... and I mean this most sincerely...

What other people think of you...
Is a thing of the moment.
What you think of yourself...
Is a life long deal.

Stand up yo... suck it in, push 'em out and hold those shoulders straight...
Because you know you rock...
We all know the truth about ourselves and that's what really counts.

See you in few hours...
Oh and;

Dear Livejournal;
Please screw off with the comment hording...
give 'em up baybee...
Your's truly
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// rant on.
Justice is one seriously messed up concept.

In canada, we are busy spending millions and millions on investigating a government procurement process from several years ago that was clearly at fault because people in positions of power abused that power... and GOT AWAY WITH IT because the system of checks and balances was broken. It's in the news as "The Sponsorship Scandle" and we're talking about 100 million $. Hopefully they will stop before the bill for the inquiry gets to 100 million $.
Why is it all about blaming someone instead of fixing the system that let it happen?

Oh... and we now (apparently) have a system in place that makes it OK for the police to randomly select a high school and bring in sniffer dogs to run around the class rooms and identify kids carrying drugs. I guess I will never get past the notion that pot and harder chemical drugs should be considered totally seperate entities under the law... but that's beside the point. That seems very much to me to be a breach of those students civil rights. Besides... what good are you doing society by giving a 15 year old kid a criminal record - even if it's in theorey wiped clean at 18???????? Make him write "I will not bring pot to school" 1000 times on the black board and be fucking done with it.
This policy will;
a) make students fear unfair persecution at school... great message guys.
b) make cops look like evil fuckers ... especially to all the totally innocent kids in those class rooms... let alone the ones with a phobia of dogs... another great message... especially on the heals of grade school "All Cops Are Your Friends" messages.

And don't you dare tell me that "It's illegal... and those kids should be punished" because that has nothing to do with this... well, actually, go ahead and say that if you want but it will speak volumes of your attitudes. School is not the place to do this. If some kid is a huge punk and really causes unimaginable problems in the school... surely there's other more appropriate ways of isolating him or her and stopping that student's dissruption of the educational process.... without trampling on the rights of every other kid in the school.

Justice is not, in fact blind (profiling profiling....... hmmm). No... she's not blind... she's just a bitch.

// all done...

back to your lives... there's nothing to see here... :D

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yeah... well oracle is still a bitch... but I'm beating her down like I had a mullet and a dog named boo.
She better be in line by lunch tomorrow or I'm in some serious crap... :D

Client engagement went great today... and now I have three days of r&d and writing to do...

All of that being as it is... it's after 4:30 and I'm ... spent. :)
Time to go home and hear stories of day two at school and make something yummi with a dead chicken.

...and tomorrow? no freaking Tie!!! :)
see ya.

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Crouching Nimrod, Hidden Dorkus.

Where in... the lies come fast and furious. It says a lot about this show when a dim candle like Diane comes up with a Master Plan that would make the Enron Accounting Department drool into their calculators. And "plan" she does...Of course, we get to hear Drew saying "Oh, I never thought of that." again and Grasshopper... I mean Cowboy... gets all Jackie Chan on us.  Yes Nakomas... there really is a Santa Clause.

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