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Tuesday, September 7

These are my "both in full time day school" boys... :D George and - ever the delightful expressions for cameras - Edward. :D

<screams>I finally got to hear me some amy austin talk'en cars from Mix 102.9 [ :: The Mix Net Stream :: ] </screams>

It's gonna rain today... but we all got up with the sun flooding our room in early morning goodness... ;) Both boys were up ages before the alarm (well a good half hour) and dressed in their new clothes... Suz is drive'en them in versus the bus today... but that's purely because their school bags are like small mountains strapped to their backs.

~ blue ftls
~ dk green dress pants... very dark... sheesh... It's less Peter Pan than you may imagine... :)
~ bright screaming white dress shirt
~ a freak'en tie...
~ cream and pale green sweater
~ well... I was planning on spending most of the day at a client site... hence the tie et. al. But that just got put off till tomorrow. I mean, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow... sheesh... If I wore jeans and shirt that said Blow Me... I just know they wouldn't have changed the plans.
~ more oracle... 9i is not starting... evil bastard. :D
~ sort out why frontpage (another evil B) won't let me update the sub directories on the "team web site"
~ tonight? It's all about BB and Amazing Race yo... :)
~ with all of my heart... that my little Edward has a fabulous first day of Grade One. (I could just burrrrrst!!!!! he was all kiss'en me - unusual - telling me to have a nice day at work... and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamed when I told him I hoped he had a good day at school. :D
~ to send some good vibes out to wrap around my sugar-pook... er... pookfreak.
~ that todays birthday is somehow - on the heels of harddrive madness - wonderful for sweet catherine
~ and congrats out to lilcoffeebean on her recent wedding!!! the pictures are beautiful... as is the bride.
~ and a welcome home to pixiecup... and hoping for endless stories of her adventure to burning man!! :D :D

I just got two fantastic phone calls in a row!!
#1 was Z telling me that all is well with Edward at school... a moment of "I can't see anyone I know" as the kids were sorted out to class rooms... and she could see his eyes welling up from her "safe distance".... she rescued his little self... and he's now in his wee class room and busy being a big boy.
# 2 was a call from cinamon_girl... a displaced Torontonian here in Ottawa to go to Ottawa U... and I get to have coffee with her today!!! How freaking lucky am I??? (does a little dance).

Have you seen "Brother Bear"??? the animated movie... I'm just say'en... the Moose... "You're one big beaver eh!"... oh gawd... I fell apart laughing... the freaking Moose's were the very best part of any animated movie in ages!! :D
Oh, and we watched Mona Lisa Smile rather late last night. I liked it... and Julia Stiles ... she has something... some kind of "presence" on the screen... she's strange looking... but there's something....

//what are the odds that Bush has Osama on ice and is waiting to pull him out when it's politically an ideal vote gett'en time?

Ok... I have a full day of zooming around... rather overdressed... and I gotta get started.
See ya and have a wonderful day... :D


When we were young...

Suzanne and I have been together for just about 18 years now.
We married after the first four and had our first baby... George, almost nine years ago.
Having babies changes lots of things about a relationship and that is the stuff of significant chapter and verse.
One specific thing, though, is the frame for this thought.
Early on in our relationship we found that taking a walk together was a great way to sort things that needed sorting.

Habit became function and function became form.
Indeed, I clearly remember times when some thing would come up and I would mentally assign it to "walk" status.
"We'll talk about that on our walk..."
No matter what else was going on, or what challenged us... we knew we could address stuff on our walk.
Save for the most unusual of circumstances, we would take a walk every day after dinner.
It was our great communication key.
And then along came babies.

Requirement overcame form and walks became memories.
Certainly, we would still walk... with strollers or kiddies wandering in tow...
but believe me... it was not the same.

Our boys are eight and six.
Today Edward started grade one.
We marked the eve of this milestone by announcing to the boys that they would be on their own while mom and dad walked around the block.

Last night we had a walk.
We talked... and we could feel the familiar vibe.
Tonight... we will walk again, and I will be just as happy as can be.

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:::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::::
When I say I have a blazingly white shirt on... dude... I'm talking serious white... mk?

Today was great... hardly accomplished anything but... still. :D

Freaking oracle refuses to init a new instance and I cannot figure it... so I'm starting over tomorrow morning.
er... no, scratch that...
It's client site fist thing...(client acronym around here DOJ... so I can "dodge the bullet" or "get out of dodge" and all that crap... :D)
Then I will start over with the damn oracle thing...

Front page 2000 will not properly manage a server with front page xp server extensions on it... (or some stupid microsoft thing like that... :D)
So I'm waiting for an Office XP upgrade from internal support... weeeeeeeeeeeeee (oh look... a puddle of sarcasm!)

No matter... I've still had a great day and now... driving home in the rain.. I suspect that I'll be having a great night !!