September 6th, 2004


Monday, September 6

Yeah... sometimes life has a way of beating you down.
Getting back up is the thing to do...
but when you're down... it's hard. 
So you work with what you have
and look for a path back into the light.

It's an overcast gray day in the big wide world
and in the world within me. I'm busy...
... looking for my path. I'll let you know when
I find it.

~ pj pants
~ big warm gap hoodie...
~ to lose this headache...
~ a quick visit to my moms house and make sure she gets all the pictures off her dig camera from the trip to Alaska...
~ face the day...
~ facing the day wasn't such a shitty prospect
~ for peace and family strength to wrap around tonya...
~ that I can reach catherineon the phone...
~ for great giant baskets full of good fortune, great vibes and, of course, success... to find canuckgirl tomorrow!!
~ I could pick a good movie to rent... I went to blockbuster yesterday and walked out with ... nothing. 

I gotta go... I promise... i'll be in a better mood later.

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SNAX news;
Republican party officials are elated at the
most recent reports from their polling organization.
In a daring move, pollsters jumped into the fray
of pre-election voter mood measurement
by running with the question;
"Will you vote for the democratic candidate?"
Pollsters aggressively sampled the Florida registration
lists and, after two full days of calling, reported their
Republican party strategist Norm Shoobinackity;
"With a confidence of 99%, we are able to report
a complete negative among the polling sample.
Not a single yes after all those calls!"

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Chinese food is very much like a woman’s bum.
You can want 'em all day long
but once you get 'em in your mouth...
well, you usually regret it.